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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Unknownsmoker, Aug 31, 2017.

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    There are some pics of the plants but it's started to droop an the ends of the leaves are turning black or like a dark purple an started diein this is my first plant an it's growin outside so I don't really control the light it's in fox farm ocean forest soil an I haven't given it any nutes yet I googled it an it said it could be root rot where there's bacteria around the roots which could probably be possible since I transplanted it twice already from a red solo cup to a little black pot an then to the bigger orange one it's in now just wanted some second opinions since these forums helped the 1st time
  2. They look dry wilted. Or hungry for some nutes

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  3. your soil looks bone dry, lots of perlite, large healthy plant with the right size pot for the root mass.
    There is a very low chance you could get root rot (an less there is no drainage holes in the bottom of the pot)
    are you watering the plant every 2-3 days as the soil drys out ?
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  4. Yea it just hadn't been watered when I took the picture but I water it every time the soil drys out like that an it just said there could be bad bacteria around the roots which I figured coulda been from transplanting it when I was touchin them
  5. from all my years of growing weed, the only time i have seen bad bacteria (root rot) is from over watered plants
  6. Oh really well maybe then..i mean I'd water it pretty much everyday but like I said I'd wait for it to get dry tho before I watered it again like you see in the pictures but maybe the tops justt dry an it's still wet deeper down? Well i ordered some aquashield To hopefully help prevent it just incase because it's not getting better

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