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  1. These are Bourdeline extreme 2nd reveg. I have one platinum LED and one mars grow led lights. When it first happened I raised the lights all the way up in fear of bleach effect. I check back 48 hours and it's back. How do I fix this? Growing in 5 gallon smart pots soil is fox farm & fox farm nutrition. pH water has been 6.5
    I'm just starting out and this is the 2nd grow. Any advise would be great.

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  2. are you using any beneficial nutrients ?
  3. No I'm just using tiger bloom and other fox farm nutes.
  4. That's pottasium deficiency .I would do 2 things .simultaneously transplant to a bigger pot with good the same soil. AND FLUSH the existing soil with 1/4 strength nutes until you see it catch up with itself and then gradually bump up the ec to the ideal level over the next 7 days. It look like you water. logged it as.well it's well as keep an eye on the runoff ph. your problem isn't environmental. it's root zone issues. Below is a pic (before it turns brown it's white like that)
    GFP [​IMG]

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