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  1. All the threads ive researched about this discoloration are over 5 years old and cant find any definitive answers they do all point to tmv or hsv im hoping someone has seen this before nobody i know ever has even at all my local grow shops. I thought at first it was from the safer soap i used to get rid of the mites that came with the clones i bought but its on new growth then i thought my lights may have been to close 2000w mh i didnt think much of it till i started seeing other issues (bottom 2 pics) the last one was a stunted mess since the start they didnt start showing any symptoms till over a month old planted in roots organic original and no nuts yet at the time of these pics no other signs of bugs or deficiency i check daily this is a new grow at a new location

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  2. as this is a garden related, 5 years is no biggy

    TMV is ....

    How do you confirm the presence of TMV ?

    You can confirm a virus by squeezing the juice from an affected leaf onto a known clean plant,

    will show infection within 14 days.

    Cucumber mosaic and others will infect weed to a lesser degree of damage ,

    and is more likely than TMV ..

    or in a pinch consider RNApro

    RNA Pro - Effectiveness

    good luck

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