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  1. hey if anyone can tell me if it's possable to leave my flurecent light on my plants 24 hours a day for 7 to 8 week then drop it to 12 and 12 for budding plz awnser
  2. I did that with my plants and it worked ok..the only problem was the blub burnt out in 2 weeks
  3. thx for the info man i'll do that i have lots of spear bauls so things should go good thank you oh yeah how was your yeild at hrvest time?
  4. hey will a 30 watt lava lamp grow one plant?????anyone?
  5. a "30 watt lava lamp"???? ACK!! Maaann… dont mean to be a downer.. but theres no way in hell you'll get smokeable bud offa that.. get an HID lamp(high intensity discharge). The initial cost is pretty high, but the lumen output, and the efficiency MUCH outweigh that of any other kind of light.

    PS: Cannabis plants just plain wont grow, or wont grow to a smokeable level, if the light that you're using to grow them is of the wrong spectrum. Flouro's will do at first.. but you'll still need some kind of lamp for veg and flowering. Theyre basically not an option if you're seriously thinking about getting a decent grow, and not an insanely high electricity bill.

    You'll need some sort of HID, whether it be an HPS or MH. Here's link you should find useful:

    Do some reading. You wont regret it. Good luck man,


  6. Out of the 10 seeds that I sprouted ( I have a small closet growroom) only 2 were female, so at harvest time I only made 2 oz...but it was all Strawberry Cough
  7. will a hps light from a local electric store work for 5 plants its 250 watts and im
    useing fluros.
  8. yea it will work man.using cool flores. ok too/.watch out for the amount of heat with that 250 hps.
  9. can i start them out with fluros 22 hrs on 2 hrs of for 7 to 8 week for veging then switch to hps 12hrs on 12 hrs off for budding??see i have seeds germinating right now and they will be ready tomorow i got the flos but i cant get the hps for a week will the plant survive the switch?
  10. if you mean a switch from a fluro to a HPS...then yes....they will be gratefull for the light.....but don't put it on the plants if they are too young....wait for a a couple of inches......Peace out....Sid
  11. thx for the info but one more thing how fare should my hps be away from my plants?
  12. approx 10" for a 250 w HPS......but remember to keep an eye on the temp........Peace out......Sid

  13. what a shity guy to gal ratio
  14. how many hours a day should hps and flurecent light be on my plants they have sprouted today .and 1 more question my grow room seeling is only like 4 feet tall is this ok for my plants can i put the hps in the corner and let it hit the plants from there while the fluros r at the sides of the plants?
  15. Leave the lights on 24 hours a day for the first couple weeks. You'll have to hang the HPS from the ceiling so leave enough room for the plants to grow vertically...once you switch the lighting to 12/12 the plants could double and even triple in size.

    P.S. If you don't know how to spell ceiling then I think you're either too young to be growing pot or stoned.

    P.S.S. I was just wondering if we could all just get back to using the Queen's English?

    I'm high.
  16. yeah i was real stoned when i posted that. but seriously is four feet to low should i set up grow room in a room with higher ceiling ?and 24 hrs a day with both hps and fluros? my hps is 250 watt and all together my fluros are 80 watts 24 hrs a day for a few weeks wont kill them ?????
  18. your better off running your lights for 18 on 6 off they need there rest time when your ready to bud go to 12 on 12 off whith the hps your gonna have to be moving plants around constantly 250 watts is just not gonna be enough for 5 trees
  19. yea, if you're just using flouros then leave them on 24/7 but the HPS 18/6.
  20. so when i use both fluros with hps leave my flos on 24 hrs and turn my hps off for 6 hrs and leave my hps on for 18 so that the hps is only giving 18 hrs of light while the flo's give 24hrs right?and is a 4 ft ceiling to low?????????

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