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  1. My buddy's pot plant is in 5-7 gal pot about 1 month and a lil over 1 week in veg stage & it looks like there's nutrients burn (in shock) would appreciate the help thanks 420 MMJ
    take it out of that huge pot, wash the roots clean in a bucket of water and re-pot into a 2-3 gallon pot.
    fucking noobs and giant pots. your friend is all fucked up.
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  3. Thanks !! & it's not a clone either & its not a small pant it's a good medium size
  4. Also it got transplanted from a smaller pot ! Cause the roots were coming out !!
    Indoor !! Not outdoor
    Well even if you put it back into the same pot use new soil and tell the dude to not use plant food every other watering, more like one watering is feed once every 2 weeks.
    cannabis is not a heavy feeder, a tomato plant is and will eat a lot of food.
    Plant food has killed a lot of cannabis plants, they dont need constant feeding unless they are hydro and then the solution is measured out carefully.
    Repot it hydro and it will double in size in two to 3 weeks.
  6. Thanks ! Bro he's schedule for feeding is one day nutes next day nothing 3rd day water next day nothing repeat, he dosnt feed a lot of nutes maybe just like 4-8 sprays ! Is that good ? He's using general hydroponics (flora nova grow)
  7. 4 ml of grow to a gallon
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    Don't follow the schedule to a T. Your plants will let you know when its time to water & feed. Let your medium dry out. Are you spraying nutes on the leaves? Do you have a pic?
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  9. Thanks and no not on the leaves & I do but I don't know how to post it
  10. Don't worry about your pot size I start seeds in 5 gallon pots and have never had a problem you'll probably damage it more during the transplant, just flush it with pure water a couple times and say a prayer
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    The plant is drowning, you dont want to flush a drowning plant. Big pots work fine as long as you know to NEVER over water!
    If you grow in big pots then you should know better. the plant is 5 weeks old it can never drink the soil dry.
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  12. Title said nute burn, I assumed the pic was taken shortly after watering,it could be overwatered , I'm just saying pure h2o till the problem solved,
  13. And transplanting causes lots of stress wich could kill an already stressed plant .

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