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  1. Hi guys, i'm sorry for my mad english skills, but i need help with growing.

    This is 13 day from the seed and 3 day of vegetative stage of my Power Plant. And it has strange color on the edge of the leafs. I'm thinking of potassium deficiency or Nitrogen, or overwattering or to much light?
     I have attached a foto for you to judge (sorry for the quality).

    Some history: This is my first time growing.
    Technical charackteriscs of my grow box:
    Led 216w with lenses (multimetr showed me 97.4w on output).
    nutrients: Metrop 
    MR1 - 250 ml
    MR2 - 250 ml
    Calgreen - 250 ml
    Amino Root - 250 ml
    Amino Bloom - 250 ml

    i'm using this table but with 18l bucket proportion:'s/eng/3-fullwater-ENG.gif

    up to last friday they had 30% solution of this nutrients, but on friday i made 100% for them (got two plants in defferent pots)

    so ppm is- 384
    pH- 5.5
    t of watter is unknown.
    t of air in box 23-26 celcium
    humidity 45-70%

    LED lamp is 30cm above and gives 27000 lux to each plant.
    Also 2 computer fans are slightly blowing (hope you understand what i ment) 

    another plant seems okey, but has a purple/violet colorizing of a new growing pare of leafs. last foto will be Jack 47 the "normal one"

    Please, i beg you, help me!
    And greatings from Ukraine :)

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  2. You don't need to give ANY nutes for the first few weeks, I'd say the colour is from too much nutes. Feed them pH'd water until they start to yellow. I wait at least two weeks, then ½ strength nutes for a feeding or two, then full strength.

    I'm Ukrainian too, but can't speak a word for the life of me, family migrated to Canada many moons ago. Welcome to the City :)

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  3. Thanx for the info! But what should i do now? What would you suggest to save it?
  4. Flush with straight water that has been pH to 5.8. Feed nothing but water for a few weeks or until they start to yellow :)

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  5. Dazed and stoned answered your question perfectly. I'm just here to add to my post count...
  6. Thank you guys a lot! Flushed them with pH5.5 water. I wont change solution in the bucket untill friday, they have to take rest of me. I'll report the result, just in case if you are interested. :)
  7. Please do sir. Hopefully your plants recover well boss!
  8. Good luck an keep us updated :)

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