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  1. so this is going to be my first time growing but i have a mentor to help me. the question is, i am going to grow in a closet outside and its still cold out. so how do i change the temperature of the intake air? so that my plant will not freeze and so i can control inside temp? if anyone can help that would be great.
  2. Raising the temperature of the air that you're pulling into your grow is going to be tough.

    An easier way to do it would be to invest in a small space heater and a plug-in thermostat to run the heater. That way the heater only runs when the temps get too low so you don't need to worry about making your closet too hot.

    HID lights also put off a good amount of heat while they're running.

    Have you already setup your closet? What are your temperatures?
  3. what kind of fan will you be using? try turning airflow to a minimum (but add an internal fan for circulation). I'm assuming you'll be vegging for a month or two, if you use 24h light, hopefully by the time you flower, it'll be warm enough to not freeze in the dark period.
  4. i have not made this closet yet. its about 36 degrees over here in eastern wa. i will be using a simple little home fan that will pull in the air through an air duct hose. so i should just get a thermostat and regualte the temp before i put the plant in this closet? to see whats its going to do and figure out what works?
  5. can u tell me how to hook up a space heater to a thermostat? i looked it up and it seems complicated.

  6. Is the home fan similar to the ones in bathroom vents? Do you have any idea how many Cubic Feet of air per Minute (CFM) the fan pushes? Most fans have this number on the unit.

    I think its a perfect idea to setup the space prior to growing to get baseline readings. Dealing with heating issues prior to adding plants makes for an easier time in the long run.

    The plug-in thermostat you spotted should do the trick. Reviews look okay.

    What type of lights are you going to be using?
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    Misery bro. I tried it, in a cabinet in my unheated shop. Then we got slammed with the coldest winter temps in years. My plants were suffering from huge swings in conditions. Plants like fresh air 24/7, but sucking in frigid air during lights out is hard on the plants. I tried running a space heater in my cabinet, and had big temp swings; the controls just aren't that accurate.

    I made an emergency move into my basement, and it's all good now. I'll be here from now on; amazingly, these little plants like the same kind of environmental conditions that people do. I realized that I'd spend way more trying to make things work in my unheated shop than I would in my basement.

    Living in a LEGAL state helps too!

    Good luck.
  8. Truer words have never been spoken, haha!
  9. Many of the little oil filled heaters from Wal Mart come with built in thermostats if that helps.

  10. so how come the plants like the basement cause i have a basement but its hella cold down there?
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    Mine is heated, I keep it at about 65F. No one lives down there, but keeping it a little bit warmer helps slow heat loss from the upper level. During the summer, it stays about 65F naturally.

    It's also easier to maintain humidity; it's very dry here, so that helps me also.

    I think if you found a way to heat your basement, it'd be easier to stabilize than an outside shed. I don't think plants like big swings in temperature and humidity. Any time it's cold outside, you're going to have the problem of sucking in frigid air to keep your cabinet ventilated.
  12. ok so i am going to get solar panels so that no one can see my electricity use. and then im going to have to take a space out of the basement to grow and keep warm because my basement is cold. so what nutrients do i use with soiless mix and waht fertilizer?
  13. You're getting solar panels to cover your weed costs? Quality panels are a few thousand dollars. As long as you pay your bills no one will care about your electricity use.
  14. doing a travel trailer grow !!! so i need solar panels and i can get 750 watts for $1200
    be a good investment for free electricity

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