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  1. Okay blades i don't know where else to turn. I have this problem, it doesn't happen every time ( may be 20%) but when I'm jerking off ill be about to cum, ill feel it for a sec but then its like i lose it and then i don't get off. and I'm lift with no feeling of relief and just confused:mad: what could this be?1?!?!?
  2. Do you smoke tobacco? Then stop, it's constricting your veins and you can't get off.
  3. Well, lets get the obvious out of the way;

    Did you stop jerking off as you came?
  4. gotta keep it strong mang:cool:

  5. Maybe reduce your masturbation and give you penis a break. And eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Stay away from Soda and junk food. After that, your penis should be healthy as a horse.
  6. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that I have a picture saved on my laptop that has 5 or so supplements that will boost your cumming too god tier level. I'll post it later on if I have it.
  7. hahaha, thanks guys for the replys! i was just stoned and prly just be masterbating a bit too much :p

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