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  1. hi all, on one of my plants one of the leaves at the bottom have a yellow mark on and on 2 of the bigger leaves they are a dark green compared to rest of plant and are curling inwards, they look drt n brittle, does anyone know what it could be
  2. Are you feeding? It might be that you have too much nitrogen.
  3. I am yes, shall I just try ph'd water
  4. Post some pics if possible.
  5. Whats your PH run off readings?
  6. Roughly around 6.5 to 7.5 max, first time checked today will check again next time, its only happening to that one out of four
  7. How are you testing your PH? 6.5 is good but 7.5 is to high.
  8. It's like a little tub and i add 3 drops and it turns color sorry I can't remember wat its called, when i watered and fed I ph to 6.5

  9. Meant to ask what your PH run off reading is. The water that runs out of the bottom of the plant into the catch tray. Back ina little while need to go water my plants before I forget.
  10. The run off iz between 6.5 too 7.5 max, Oreet no probs :)
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    Lower your PH to 6 for your next watering and or feedings. 6.5 is a safe zone for PH but 7.5 is to high. Geting the PH of the soil down takes time. Your plants dont look bad yet so you have some time to fix it. I would also reccomend getting a better PH tester preferablya digital one with some PH Up & Down solutions and some calibration solution for the digital meter. It gives you more accurate PH readings and more controll. Once you get more experience you can learn to fluctuate your PH a little bit, one week at the higher end of the PH range and the next at the lower end of the PH range for marijuana plants. At the lower PH end plants will absorb certain nutrients better and vice versa at the higher end. Hanna and Bluelab make good meters.

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