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  1. i am suposebly reciving papers for conspiracy for seting up a deal of 8oz in ND would like info on this i have no proir problems with the law accept a speeding ticket or two anyone know what i could face?
  2. depends on your local laws. every state is different :/ you might want to call a few lawyers and try to get some free consultations and prices to have them defend you. it might be expensive but worth it in the end if it helps you avoid fines and jail
  3. ya just havent recived papers yet so dont want to get into a rush you wouldnt know how any other states are on conspiracy would ya?
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    If I read it right, and they are, in fact, charging you with conspiracy on a drug charge, it becomes a federal issue. My advice is not to wait for those papers. You need legal representation ASAP. Here's what you need to do: go to the website, and they have a page of listings for cannabis friendly attorneys by state. Find the one closest to you, and give them a call. Good luck.

    edit: How close are you to Fargo? This guy is the only attorney NORML had listed for ND.
  5. youy could also try to do some internet searches for "conspiracy south dakota marijauan" or something like that. you never what you'll find
  6. Fuck those lawyers that advertise on NORMALS website. They just pay to advertise there and most don't know shit about cannabis laws. I found this out the hard way. The best thing to do is find out who is the best local lawyer and use him. Judges don't like it when you send your money out of your area and they will fuck you hard for this. Again, I found out the hard way. They might be on differnt sides of the law, but they still play golf together on the weekends. But most will give you a free consultation visit to get things started.

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