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Need help with withdrawal problems...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by carrman, May 6, 2006.

  1. OK, this is my first post here, I've smoked for probably 15 years and pretty much every day for the last 5 years, I'm not even sure how long at this point, anyway, started having problems sleeping when I would go a couple of days without, and it got worse every time I didn't smoke, Well, I decided to give weed up for a extended time and it's been 32 days without, (really sucks) well I'm still having sleeping problems, most nights only getting a couple hours, and that's with Lunesta or ambien!! Anybody heard of this before??
    How long does this really take to get completely out of the system? My goal was to clean out and then try to smoke on ocassion, but if this dosen't improve I gotta start up again.

  2. well in your case itll probably take a little while, im not sure how long but... some things that you can do to clear your system out faster are... working out or anything that makes you sweat alot, eating lottsa vitamin C and uhh congrats on lasting as long as you ahve :D good luck too
    and yea its not abnormal to not sleep alot if u jsut quit smoking it
  3. Usually thats what happens to me for a few days...
  4. drink one of those 420 drinks to clean your system completely then after that just drink nothing but water for the rest of your puny little life:devious:
  5. I guess all of us react differantly, I took a break after 35 years due to the wife being on probatation without a hitch, not even a craving. IMHO I'd stop with the drugs to help with sleep, their side effects are far worst than the lack of sleep. If you rise early, work hard and or exersize you should find it easy to sleep. Take a walk/run, join a gym and go.
  6. I'm no doctor, but it seems to me that if after a month of quitting you're still having trouble sleeping, weed might not be the only factor.

    I know two guys who had sleeping problems. Later I found out that they both drank lots of soda in the evenings, but apparently didn't make the connection between the caffeine and lack of sleep.
  7. Yeah I usually have a hard time going to sleep if I take a little break but its normal. You need to get outside do some physical work and get tired! Either that or try some sort of meditation to get your mind off not being able to sleep correctly. I hear its something to do with your seritonin being imbalanced from smoking a fuckload.
  8. well.. i dont really know anyone whose been smoking that long... when i normally take extended breaks after smoking everyday the 'withdrawals' only last a few days..

    gotta rough it out man..start jogging or something... working out is a great way to get yourself tired enough to sleep...

  9. The reason for your insomnia is that your body is just so used to burning out and falling asleep as many of us do everyday. The thing that really worked for me is exercising alot so im just dead tired and once I hit the pillow, lights out. Hope that helps, sweet dreams.
  10. As a few people have already said, try to get some exercise everyday, also try to eat healthier, cut out sodas and too many sweets. If you still can't sleep after a few weeks of what I've suggested then I think you probably have some other complications that is preventing you from sleeping.
  11. I don't think marijauna withdrawal really exists.... After three years of smoking everyday I just had to quit for 6 weeks for a drug test (which is tomorrow BTW, fucking finally), and I didn't feel any different over this time.

    I think Joint is right, it's probably something else.
  12. someone said that your body just isn't used to crashing on the pillow not being dead stoned every night. I agree. I smoke every day and if i take a break its hella hard to sleep.
  13. I wouldn't worry too much, you are genetically programmed not to need much sleep... herb always makes me sleep better, but insomnia is a shitter :(
  14. ^^ Thats bullshit because your body needs 9-10 hours to function properly the next day.
  15. its gotta be the herb.. i dont see how you can smoke that long and not have any withdrawal effects...
  16. ya i haven't smoked in a week or i am typing this at 2 am.
    go figure. insomnia sucks.
  17. Hah, I have trouble sleeping too and I haven't smoked since 2-25-06 (probation). I think I had trouble sleeping before that.

    I do think you should get off of the sleeping medicine though. Some people have said that if it's been this long since you stopped it wouldn't be because of the weed. Or that weed has no withdrawl, but I'm pretty sure it depends on the person. Since pot is fat soluble, and your brain/brain cells are a lot fat (not sure of percentage), It takes a long time for the THC to leave your brain, that is why you don't experience withdrawl with pot, because it takes soooo long for it to leave your system (unlike alcohol or coke where it is all gone in 2 or 3 days). So imagine, with a halflife of I think 72 hours, and you smoke for 15 would take a long time...

    haha please criticize me if any of my information there is wrong because I learned all this like 3 or 4 years ago and it is a little coudy in my head...also I'm no doctor.
  18. Thanks all for your imput, Floats I gotta agree with you, it definetly has different effects on people. Went to the doctor and she seems to think the same thing too, they put me on trazidone, tried it for 4 days and it didn't do shit, I went back today and the said take clonopin? and a trazidone, so I'm tryin that tonite.
    At this point 37 days it's become a fuckin test, so I'm stickin with it for now!
  19. Well god damn, your on day 37 of not smoking? Grats to you man, on the 2nd day I feel like I want to rip my shirt off and pull my hair out sometimes. Well you said you were stopping so you could just smoke occasionally right, after 37 days I think you fully fuckin earned your occasional smoke, and if I was you I would smoke a little, once every 37 days seems a lot less then occasional.

    Either way more power to ya.
  20. I gotta say this some one said something about 9 -10 hours of sleep. Science did studies I saw on yahoo news about the sudden worry of insomnia and all these new sleeping pills. They said people are generally healthier and life longer at 6-7 hours of sleep than people who got 9-10. Even people who have severe insomnia who get only 3 hours of sleep live healthier and longer than 9-10.

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