Need help with wiring CFL from inside of PSU IEC connection (electrician)? PC grow

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    Hi guys like it says,

    im currently working on my PC grow case and to try and keep it stealthy i gutted the insides of the PSU out until left with the backplate with the Black PC power kettle lead connector only (IEC black connector on Pic)

    As you can see it has a Live, neutral coming from it which i thought could go straight to the E40 holder. Would this work and be safe?

    Also in the pic you can see its not just normal live + neutral, there is an extra White block soldered on, also the L+N are wrapped around a circular donut shaped piece of metal in plastic, which adds to the confusion.

    Could really use a hand

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    i forgot the name of it, but it filters the signal to the psu, your probably going to want to remove it and wire the two live wires to the holder.
    Also, the white thing is probably a capacitor, for further smoothing, you can remove that.

  3. awesome mate thanks for the help.

    il just strip everything but the earth, Live and neutral then and wire that to my light socket. Atm, the earth is wired to the metal part of the PSU,

    that should be fine right
  4. yep, should do fine :)
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    You said you plan to wire that fan to your light socket? Most standard computer fans are 12v DC, if so you need to wire it to a 12v cell charger or something similar. Check the markings on the fan to check for voltage/amperage ratings. If it was powered from the motherboard, it is most likely 12v DC.

    Perhaps you were aware of that already, just wanted to throw it out there so your case doesn't go up in smoke (pun intended)

  6. yea, i already got 2 x 9v chargers DC, that i will use for the fans, so far i was just going to wire them seperately but if possible it would be nice to have them wired to 1 plug, anyone know how this is possible?
  7. erm... what? if your thinking of wiring them in series, itll fry the fans, one charger would probably be enough, the fan will just run slightly slower, check the amperage on the back of the charger, if its enough for both fans, it should be fine.
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    You couldn't wire the cell chargers to a single plug receptacle without taking apart the cell charger. This would be difficult and tedious, easy to short something out. Just plug them in as usual. If you need to minimize outlets used, use a three way splitter (converts single outlet into dual or even 3 outlets)

    Edit: I may have mis understood your question, If you meant wiring both fans to one charger, that is possible if the charger can handle the max amp draw of both fans.
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    kk awesome,
    so the Cell is 9v, and the fans are 12v, i did this to slow them down a bit and so they are a little more quiet. So your saying so long as the cell can handle say 1000 ma and each fan is no more than 500ma each. Both fans should run at the 9v speed? or will the fans still be running at 4.5v each?
  10. okay, so you attach all the red wires(positive) to each other, and all the black wires(negative) to each other, then thats parallel, which means they are running at 9v but use double the current, so if one is 500ma, they will use 1000ma.
  11. ok, you are going to need some sort of multi-meter in order to do this but you need to figure which of the blue/orange wires is your pos and neg, then LABEL THEM!! next, leave the little white box on the connection as it is an RF filter and will help with small surges which will help keep your lights from flickering. as for the fans, find yourself a cell charger that has 12v dc output, simply cut the end off that goes into the phone and attach to the leads to your fan..

    now for wiring the light, depending on the size and number of cfl's you intend to use you might want to add more than 1 edison socket (regular light socket.) wire nuts and/or buttsplices are a necessity to cover exposed electrical connections.
  12. kk mate, thanks for the help im going to bolt in the E40 socket in tommorow for my single 125w cfl.

    also thanks thewhiteman you helped me understand it abit better. so the Charger itself is pulling 9V and it can handle as many fans etc upto its maximum amperage at 9v as long as its in parallel? otherwise the voltage is split between the devices and slowing them down?
  13. Yep, thats prettymuch it, in parallel the amps double, in series the voltage doubles :)
  14. Tried to post this yesterday but I got an internal server error.

    In parallel (one pos and neg to each fan) both fans get 9 volts, and charger outputs as many amps as both fans require.

    So lets say you have (2) 12 volt fans each rated at 500mA. At 12 volts, if both fans draw max amps (500mA) the charger will output 1000mA. Heres the tricky part... Total max wattage is fixed due to a fixed resistance. With less voltage, more amps can flow because electrons have less resistance to flow. In short, when your voltage decreases, amperage increases in direct correlation. Amp draw does depend on load, but I am giving you a calculation simply for sizing your charger.

    Watts = volts x amps
    Amps = watts / volts
    Volts = watts / amps

    So a 12 volt fans that draws 500mA...

    12 volts x .5 amps (500mA) = 6 watts
    6 watts / 12 volts = .5 amps

    But at 9 volts...

    6 watts / 9 volts = .667 amps (667mA)

    So your 500mA fan at 9 volts is going to pull 667 mA roughly, with a load on the fan amp draw may decrease. Oversizing your charger is not critical, but due to increased heat with increased amp draw, an undersized charger will burn out quicker. How quick...depends on real world situations, that cannot be expressed in math.

    Hope this gives you a better understanding. Cheers
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    thanks mate, really helps a tonne. I saw my 9v chargers can hanndle 1000ma and the fans say they pull 0.37a.

    Also, anyone know if my 125W CFL needs to be earthed?
    the E40 connector doesnt have an earth on it but i was thinking maybe its required to be attatched to the case. Thought id check to be safe.

    as soon as i know this im good to go
  16. nope, just use the two live wires. Just finished wiring up an array of those lights :D

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