Need help with wiring ballast and air cooled hood

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  1. Fellow growers,

    I know nothing about wiring ballasts so I just need to make sure i can go on with this before i burn the house down.
    I was using a 250w HPS before and I have now upgraded to a 600w ballast while using the same air cooled hood. So I just disconnected the 250w ballast (which a friend hooked up for me) and connected the 600w the same way.

    The bulb did fire up normally. I turned it off after couple minutes and noticed the bottom of the bulb was black. I just borrowed that 600w HPS to test my new set up and honestly I'm not sure if it was already black before I used it.

    Can someone please check if I did it correctly? Is it normal for the bulb to turn black?

    Thanks! \t\t\t\t\t\t
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    wait.. i cant upload pictures atm.

    Edit: seems there are no more issues with uploading pix..

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  3. Is it black down at the base of the lamp where the socket is?
  4. Yup.. pictures are up. Is it normal?
  5. Looks like it. If the discoloration is even on both sides I wouldn't worry about it. Does the lamp fire up normally now?
  6. The discoloration is all around the base, not very even. But yea it does fire up normally. So i'm guessing its ok.. thanks!
  7. Your welcome.

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