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Need help with what to tell my parents

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Medicatedchinchilla, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Ok so im getting a package in the mail of cannabis seeds and other things. I need to tell my parents something and that its mine so they wont open it, otherwise they will look at the package be like wtf and open it. What could i tell my parents as an excuse for getting something in the mail? I have no visa card or anything.

  2. Tell them that you are expecting a DVD movie featuring insect porn.
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  3. I'm guess with the type of situation you got at home you won't even be able to grow those seeds , they'll probably find out sooner or later. Tell them you're getting clothing merchandise that you can't get anywhere near you or something that sounds normal and believable. 
  4. tell them your expecting a video game or something thats believable? what time does the mail come at your house? just stay home from school if its earlier in the day. STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS
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  5. Tell them it's the complete Justin Bieber collection you've been waiting on.
    They'll be so worried about that they won't notice the seeds.
  6. Shouldn't you be in school?
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  7. If you're worried about your parents, you're too young to be smoking. Anyways. Just say it's books for school (if you are even old enough to be in college). Or say you bought shoes or anything
  8. Tell them you ordered gifts for them and you don't want them to see. Or. Arrange to pick up your package at the post office
    Tell them you ordered gifts for them and you don't want them to see. Or. Arrange to pick up your package at the post office
  9. if you have to hide some seeds from your old lady then how are you gonna hide a full sized plant that will stink? rofl.
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  10. Xmas gift for them or package to your friend because he couldnt order himself

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  11. I have faith in you, kid.  What worked for me is that I told them that the package was something personal. 
    I got low-odor seed strains and let my plants grow at night - put them under a light in my room while I was sleeping, then hid them in my dark closet during the day.  They got few enough hours of light that they began flowering after the first month.  Yields are low, but this method makes it easier to grow in secret.
    I'm not big on grow boxes because they hold in heat, which require fans to remove that heat; pretty noisy.

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