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  1. So im planing to 12/12 from seed to harvest and i was wondering if i used 2 23 watts cfls equivalent to 100 would work from beggening to end im on a budget so its all i have would that work? and around how much yield will i get?
  2. add 2 more 13 wat cfls becuase you will end up doing it anyways 4-6 lights are perfect for 1 plant or 2.
  3. nobody can tell you how much of a yield you will get; especially when you dont give us a strain. Growing weed on a budget is VERY hard, unless you have a lot of useful shit laying around. the rule of thumb to get any sort of respectable yield is 100w per plant, so the ~46 you have would only work for a couple weeks max till shit starts going bad. my advice would be to check out some CFL grows here>Indoor Grow Journals - Forums and see what has worked for other people in the past.
  4. Dont 12/12 from seed. You will get better growth with 18/6 or 24 hour light. Plants from sprout take like 5 weeks to mature enough to show sex. Triggering the flowering phase too early can stress and cause it to hermie. Plant thinks that it is too late to be pollenated by others and throws sacks to fuck itself.
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    If you choose to ignore my advice those females that dont herm should be considered for mothers as they do not carry the hermaphrodite condition and will always stay female. take clones before they start flowering in case they turn out to be keepers. Cannot pass a genetic trait it doesn't carry.
  6. look at my grow got 9-10 g's from like 90 watts.

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