Need help with venting options!

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  1. I'm on my 3rd grow and need help with venting options for my closet grow room.. I live in my parents house and they are chill with me growing in my closet but they wouldn't be too cool with me putting a hole in the ceiling and venting out the attic even though once I'm done I can easily patch up the hole and they wouldn't even notice. Should I just try and wing it and vent out anyways? What other options might I have?
  2. By the sounds of it there is no option left but to put a hole in the ceiling or a wall.. a closet grow will likely get too hot and be starved of fresh air without any ventilation.. Pics of your grow space would really help.

    I think you should ask your parents if you can drill the holes. Goodluck!
    Vent systems can be noisy and take xtra equiptment, if your patents dont aprove of a hole in the wall then i don't think they will aprove of you growing - period... nevermind on a larger scale with vents etc.
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    My current grow seems to be doing alright, I'm using a 2x2x3 grow tent with an 150w led light and two 100w cfl bulbs, so heat isn't too much of an issue. Though I do plan on getting a better led light in the future as well. Bud pictures are from day 39 and the whole plant picture is from day 30 of flower
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  4. The strain is northern lights by the way!
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    :love-mj2: Very Nice! Lovin the crystals- Its good to see the pics :) Goodluck!

    So as venting options go --

    - If you have the cash I would recomend you get an exhaust in there with a carbon filter attatched -- then upgrade the lights so them buds will grow fatter. You could tell your patents that all the smell will disapear with one small hole in the wall and tell them you can fix it if needed?
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OR
    - You are doing very good without one and if you feel the lights are good enough and you can control the temperatures then keep it the same :) .. Shit gets expnsive when you make improvements, soon after you will want / need more stuff -- it dosn't stop hahaa. There will be extra noise from the fan / ducting.

    I think you would benifit adjusting your PH in the soil / water,
    Im no 'pro' infact im on my first grow -- Check it out
    But I've done my fair share of research and Twisting, healthy leaves can be a sign of a high PH :thumbsup:

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