Need help with vapor perc bong hits! (losing bud here!!)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Kaetzchen, May 15, 2011.

  1. I have the Percolater Ice Bong - English - and a Da Buddha Herbal (Tobacco :laughing:)Vaporizer
    and it hits really good when smoked but when I vape out of it it seems now matter high of a temp I have it set to I can barely ever get much if any vapor.. Every now and then I will get a few huge hits of vapor. I get all of the buds worth when using the vaporizer without the bong. I tried so many things. I breath in slow, the percolator as no water, no ice, and just enough water to pull the vapor in for a second. It honestly is the same thing as using no bong at all so I am having a hard time figuring out water is going on.. does 50%+ of the vapor get lost in the bong? are vaporizers only meant to be hooked up with small non chamber bongs?
  2. I would like to add a quick "wtf" and how are they filling their bong so fast with fat hits of vapor? wtf? [ame=]YouTube - Vapor Bong hits during Tokin Daily[/ame]

    Mine is like this [ame=]YouTube - VAPOR BONG HIT OF OG KUSH[/ame]
  3. I have skim-milked my Phire a few times, as it only has one tree perc. The results weren't super-stellar, so I ended up switching my stemless bubbler, which yelled much better results. I don't have any bongs that are not filtrated, so I couldn't test it on a simple tube. it won't let me upload my bubbler picture, but it's in the "Non-heady bubblers" thread.

    From what I've seen, even a little too much filtration seems to not work as well as a straight tube or not filtered piece.

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  4. i get massive rips out of my Itza circ bubbler. how do you have it connected? is it airtight.
  5. I tried smoking a big bowl today and it barely got me high. I tried using the vaporizer standalone an hour later with half the amount and got very stoned and felt great. :D :wave:
  6. you just have the hose going down the downstem? in the pic it doesnt look airtight. that would be why you arent getting any good rips
  7. If air flows through your bong it will fill with vapor regaurdless what size it is. It just takes a brain and some tinkering. I know for a fact you can get almost smoke thick vapor from a Buddha.(although lower temps are recommended) I sell them everyday
  8. Everything is air tight. The tube is in the downstem.
    That's what I'm saying, man! I have no idea why it isn't working like it should.

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