Need help with trigonometry homework

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  1. So I don't know if any of you are willing to help out a fellow blade with his hw but I figured it was worth a try since I'm stuck. 
    The circle in the figure below has a radius of r and center at C. The distance from A to B is x. Find r. Assume C = 66x = 27. (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)
    My strategy to solve this problem was to try to find sin(A) or cos(c) but I am struggling to find the answer. I'm probably missing a very obvious step so I figured I would post it before I throw my monitor out the window lol. Thanks in advance for your time  :smoke:

  2. The answer is C. It's always C.
  3. looks like its about 9
    i dont need a scale for the work i could eyeball purp
  4. I'll give this a shot when I get off work, math is my specialty
  5. A is 24
    Try finding length DB as part of the circumference and plug that into something with something and something else and the 66 of C and some other stuff?
    I dropped out before I learned trig, so there's that.
  6. Hope this helps

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  7. Drop a line down from b and make point e and line z. Solve out the smaller triangle and tben use properties of similar triangles to scale length z out and get length r. Good luck!
  8. Sorry man I used the wrong side in my proportion, use the example on the right side of this pic for scaling out for r

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  9. Fml here is the pic right side up lol

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  10. Fuck this shit....let me know when u take calculus. I hate angles...
  11. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to help me out, especially Dodger I would def +rep you if that feature was still available. 
    I actually ended up solving it a little bit differently then you after another person helped me on a math forum but it is nice to see a different method. It appears that I need to work on my algebra a little bit before delving into trigonometry. Thanks again for all your help!
  12. fuck taking advanced math in college. just a waste of money unless you're trying to become a rocket scientist you will never use this crap in the real world.
  13. No prob dude I'm an engineering student I like math. I had just woke up and that was the first thing I did, hence the first answer.. was I correct then?
  14. I'm gonna be a computer scientist so it is pertinent. 
    Nice computer science is very similar to engineering. Yes your answer ended up being correct despite it being a lot more work.
  15. the summer's forbidden!!!!! Forbidden I tell ya!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. haha gotta do what you gotta do man. I can't be in community college forever!  :hide:
  17. Trig is rough over the summer man calc is a lot of work too. I advise you to flat out memorize the unit circle and sin/cos values. Later add tangent values to that, but for now sin and cos will do. Memorize what the graphs of sin cos and tan look like also. Next memorize your identities. I mean know all of this stuff like the back of your hand ... sin^2+cos^2=1 etc.. that's is the key to acing trig plus you are expected to know it (memorized) for calc so good luck amd study hard! is a great algebra refresher page. Anything you need is there and possibly some trig stuff too.
  18. lol sounds like you took an easy major.
    calculus & finance go hand in hand
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    i'm going for a radiology program. i want to be an xray tech. i only need to take college algebra. at least according to my academic adviser.
  20. This dude is super nice

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