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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Datboi007, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Hi! This is my first time growing and I need some advice on me seeds. I germinated my seeds and the tap roots came to about 1/4 inch yesterday so I planted them in small pots about 3/4 inch deep (og kush, critical mass, and Cinderella 99) I’m not sure as to how much sunlight they need to get and how long they’ll take before they sprout. I’m really nervous and my impatience isn’t helping at all. Should the pots even be getting any light until they sprout or?? Please help. I’m going to be moving everything into a hydroponic setup by Friday so idk if that’s going to mess anything up either, someone please fill me in.
  2. Let them be at least 2-3 inches tall
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  3. Next time use solo cups you can grow them huge before transplant
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  4. What do you mean? Like wait until they’re 2-3 inches tall before I move them into the grow tent?

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  5. the plant isn't going to grow overnight. give it some time.

    3/4 inch seems a bit deep? 1/4 is plenty.

    how are you going to take a seed that hasn't sprouted that you've already planted into soil and transplant it to a hydroponic setup in less than 2 days?
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  6. D
    DIdnt see hydro part sorry, but you need to let plant get true leaves at least
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  7. Well I’m going to be getting everything in by Friday is what I meant. I might put the pots and everything into the tent before they sprout so once they do they get accustomed to the light cycle in there instead of the one outside. I’m just worried about having them outside as I live an hour north of Toronto and the nights are still decently cold

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  8. i'm 5 hours north of toronto. and I have plants outside overnight. I'm sure your fine

    but if you have a tent, and you want to grow them inside, i'd go ahead and put them in the tent with the light on. if they are buried in soil the light isn't gonna reach them anyway right?
  9. They'll probably pop just in time for your setup.

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