Need help with this nitrogen deficiency

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Lynchy1984, Oct 16, 2014.

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    Been away a couple of days and come home to what I belive is nitrogen deficiency. Can anyone confirm this and help with a solution?
    I have biobizz Neuts available biogrow, bio bloom and topmax
  2. Here's a couple more she's got 3 weeks of flower left
  3. Your picture is impossible to tell anything about because yellow tint from the HPS light, but if your leaves are turning a lighter shade of green trying to turn yellow, then yes it's N deficient.
  4. Yeah they're yellow. Looks like N deficiency from the chart I looked at. Any tips on what I can to to help
    Yea..give them a dose of N. Your flowering nute should have some nitrogen in it..if it doesn't put some of the veg nute in there.
    Also since your plant has 3 weeks of flowering left, this will be the very last time you feed it. 
  6. I prefer to be organic. Give it a scoop of coffee grinds after brewing. That always does the trick for me, I never have issues with N.
  7. Yeah thanks there NPK values are bio bloom is 2-7-4 and bio grow 4-3-6.
    Just had a quick look at your ScROG how how well did your THC Bomb do? I have one in flower at the moment
  8. I've never seen a pot plant with a nitrogen deficiency. If it's flowering, "We  don't need no stinkin leaves." Adding nitrogen now is the worse possible thing you can do. Plant gets the idea, "Maybe we shouldn't be flowering so much. I suddenly feel more like growing leaves. Must be that new breakfast he is serving us."
    Out of those 3 strains in my scrog, THC bomb was the best..I'm growing it again. Bomb genetics are good shit

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