Need Help With The Ending of My Story.

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  1. I am taking a Creative Writing class currently. And I need to pass this class to graduate. I am about done with my current project for the class, which is a Childrens Story.

    My story is about a village of owls, whose food supply of mice goes missing. They do some digging and go on a quest only to find that an angry cat has been taking and eating all of their mice in the forest. Now at the end of the story, they trap the cat and learn of why the cat has been stealing and eating all of the mice.

    I'm stumped here though.. why could the cat have been stealing the mice? It has to teach a lesson of some sort. And I don't want it to be just because the cat was hungry...

  2. The cat was stealing the mice because he was jealous of the owls. The cat always wanted to be an owl because they could fly, but after he got captured by the owls and saw their way of life he realized that life isn't really greener on the other side and so he realized his self importance and everything ends a happy story.
  3. he steals them so that he can grow cat ears on them in his super secret mad laboratory.
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    Because he was one step ahead of the owls the whole time and he stole the mice to lure the owls into a trap, which he springs just as the owls think they have the upperhand. The moral of the story is that there is always an explanation behind disasters, famines, etc in the world, but it might not always be in our best interests to investigate and meddle; because we might not like the answer or culprit we find responsible.
  5. find a list of deadly sins

    assign one to the role of the cat, and explain why the cat was in the wrong

    glorify the owls

    the end
  6. He wanted to teach the greedy owls a lesson. They were taking all of the mice, so his cat family moved away. To get retribution he started taking them all for himself, even just keeping them and not eating them (so the starved owls and cat can enjoy them together at the end of the story). So after the owl finds him, he explains the situation, and they agree on a compromise. Hell you could even have the owls fly away and bring his cat family back :)
  7. The cat is just trying to get the owls attention so he can be friends with them. He explains this to the owls and they forgive him and become friends. Then end.

    That seems to be how a lot of childrens stories end, where the dick is just trying to be friendly.
  8. Becuase he was greedy. Shows how greed can hurt others alot.
  9. The cat is saving the mice from the owls

  10. The cat is eating the mice because he is hungry too! After discussing this, the owls and cats learn to share!! Then, the spoiled little shit factories reading it will learn to share!! And you get your BA!!

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