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  1. So me and my friends got high sunday night and the next day the teacher said that we will be having a medical test(idk how to say it in english,just general health stuff).The problem is that about a week ago one of the teachers found out that a lot of students smoke weed in the school so he decided that the medical test should be more of a drug test.I really dont want to get caught smoking,mainly because ppl dont see me as that type of guy(including my parents :C).Is there any way for me not to be positive on the test without using any supplements.Other plans might be pretending to be sick and just not going to the thing.The test is on Monday so please feel free to leave some advice it would mean a lot to me :)
  2. Dont show up that day, fuck that shit.

    Get fake piss, you might be lucky and piss clean but is it worth it? Rule of thumb is 30 days for THC to clear out of system, most supplements are bs anyways man.

    How can they legally shove a DT down a minors throat? Shit is sad honestly this kinda stuff should be illegal.

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  3. well if you need to show up then i cant say if you will pass but work out and lose fat to get thc out, it stores in fat. to tell if you will pass has lots and lots of factors and most i wont know.
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  4. I'd follow the recommendations posted by NORML, who have been advocating for cannabis rights for decades.

    Drug Testing Tips
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  5. If you're in the good ol US of A, and attend a public school... man that's never gonna happen lol. They can't do that. Also, as a probably newish stoner since you're in high school, I do suggest that whenever an authoritative type person mentions a drug test, you use the old golden standard

    "What kind of drugs are we testing?"

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