need help with temperature.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pitbulljd900, May 7, 2016.

  1. temperature: 90
    RM: 43
    middle of week 2.
    no nutrients.
    i got a fan at the bottom of the tent.
    and 2 mars hydro led 300
    and cfl lights.
    and two fans at the top
  2. Do you have an inline exhaust fan?
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  3. That's what will fix it. You want one that can move twice the cubic feet of the tent per minute, Speed controller is a good idea too. They're not expensive i got one with a 5 year warranty for 80 bucks on amazon.
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  4. Exactly what he said. Can get a carbon scrubber 25 ft of ducting sped controller and 6 " inline turbo exhaust fan system for 150 with 5 or 10yr warranty on amazon

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  5. im waiting on my outtake fan it should be here by monday, im using an intake fan and a huge tower fan and leave the doors open on the grow room, my temps are at 82F, im hoping the outake fan will bring the temps down to the 70s

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