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  1. Im going to be starting a grow in 2 fridges and 1 deep freeze for 2 mothers soon. Unfortuniatly, for security purposes, I will document everything and post it all when I am done at one site or another as they seem to be getting shut down a lot latley!! I really miss overgrow a lot!! If this one is still up everyone should check it out in 4-5 months! My friges are all ready to go. Im going to be posting a SCROG full tutorial and diary of it all, prolly updated every 2 days when it is all done. But for now, I will let everyone know what I have for fridges that are prepared.


    I have 2 fridges.
    Fridge the first is a follows:
    2 Metal halide 100w lights
    1 2' Coolwhite 40w (side, vertical)
    1 2' daylight 45w (otherside, vertical)
    2 intake computer fans (3 1/2")
    1 output desktop fan (5")
    1 approx hold 5 gallon tub that is 10" deep and have 3 gallons of water
    1 "snow barrier" fence (Orange X shaped pattern)--for SCROG
    Height 3' Width 2' Depth 20"

    Fridge the second:
    3 High Pressure Sodium 70w lights 12/12
    2 2'daylight 65 watt (each side vertical) 12/12
    2 intake computer fans (3 1/2") 24h/7d
    1 output desktop fan (5") 24h/7d
    1 approx hold 5 gallon tub that is 10" deep and have 3 gallons of water
    1 "snow barrier" fence (Orange X shaped pattern)--for SCROG
    Height 3' Width 2' Depth 20"

    Deep freeze:
    4 Metal halide 50w lights 18/6 all the time
    1 10 gallon tank
    2 nice big mommy plants, still debating on breed/strain.
    Height 2'6" Width 4' Depth 1' 6"

    Both "freezer compartments" of friges:

    Bubbler, cloning explained on "grasscity"
    2 2' cool white 40w flourscent lights
    2 2' daylight 45w flourscent lights

    9 aquarium pumps for air
    approx 20 feet of hoseing
    15 "T" joints for hosing for air
    3 part "GEN-X" nutes
    HP up
    HP down
    Hyrodgren?!? Peroxide
    Syranges varrying from 1-10 CC all to 25-200 CC
    50 gallon storage tank for water (previously used for gasolene for transport truck)---dunno what that will entail. cleaned
    1 carbon filter discised as a water heater
    (approx 2' round-diameter, 4' 6" tall)
    Digital Ph meter/EC meter (purchaced locally)
    Digital Hydrogen meter
    Digital Thermometer for each fridge, linked to thermostat in each
    chamber. (5 total)
    Digital camera with good resolution to help all of you and myself.
    Razor blades
    White tie-wraps/hemp (for training)
    Barbique squwers (wood)
    white/black plastic
    1 tube of silicone for sealing holes
    about 100 hours of labour for set

    You cant see anything other than air hoses outside of the fridges, running from pumps. Pretty stelth in my opinion. Sitting next to my furnace where I pick up lots of Co2 from the exaust, also dryer next to mother plants, also routing warm/Co2 loaded air. There is no way that an unexperienced grower or non grower for that matter would ever know that this is what it is! Other than the pad locks with 1/2 steel bars to lock everything in place, and keep myself to blame, not my significant other. Everything electrical is entirially built into the fridges themselves as I have totally gutted them myself, other than insulation where is it able to stay. Certified electrician so everything is sound.

    I have been busted twice now growin in excess of 50 plants and have been fortuniate enough to not have to serve time. I have relocated myself and started this with the intent to not get caught at all. It is all located in my basement, for wich has 2 deadbolts to get into and 2 locks on each compartment for growth (I understand that this is kinda heat, but I dont want anyone to get into my stuff, not anyone, other than me!)

    Yes, this does seem and is extremely expensive ($3000+ canadian), but cost is nothing compared to paying street prices of Mary Jane when your are as much of a chronic as me and my other. It also is nothing when you havnt been able to grow in 2 years and have been collecting these things for growing house plants for fun. I have actually been able to grow green peppers that are almost 1' long and have a girth of 8" and taste delicious. Snow peas 9" long. Jalapino peppers 8 1/2" long (hot as french ass!)....ect. I am only intending to grow 2 mothers, 4-6 flowering plants, and the occasional Sea of Green with 40 clones. My intent is to have harvest every 1 1/2 mth-3 mth depending on SOG or SCROG.

    If you cant tell from this post, I am extremely excited for my grow as I am just waiting for everything to work out with getting my house that I am moving into. I may post pictures on this forum so people can see the set up, but I really do not want to blow my cover untill I am done and there is no evidence. I will prolly create a "myspace" so if this site gets closed down, people can still keep track.

    ...umm yeah any recomendations from experienced growers as far as strain with this kinda set up. I would like to yeild at least 1.5 oz/plant/3mth max! preferably 3-4oz/plan/2 1/3mth SCROG.

    ...umm yeah any recomendations from experienced growers as far as strain with this kinda set up. I would like to yeild at least at least 8oz/20 plants/2 mth max! preferably 15oz/20 plants/1 1/2 mth
    ----->This I need help with, the rest I think I have covered...maybe a little help with bubbler growing technique, but I don't think it will be much different from hydro.
  2. Nirvana Special, k2, matanuska thunderfuck, jack herer, and of course northern lights.

    All excellent strains for growing.
  3. I've heard positive things about Big Bud in scrog and sog grows.
  4. i currently have the BIG BUD putting out nicely in LST ...

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