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  1. Hello, this will be my 2nd grow the first was outdoors. This time I wanted to grow indoors for I have been researching past several months. I have a basic understanding on all the basics what I am confused on now is changing the pH once the plant is growing.. Like if I buy soil 6.5-7 and I add liquid nutes along the pH drops.
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  2. Add the nutes to your watering water then ph it to 6.5 and your gold. get some ph up and down and either test drops or a ph pen. some nutes self ph most don't.
  3. Alright that's simple enough I guess I was over complicating it, do you have a preference when it comes to nukes...if it helps I'll be running a assorted strains of autos. Thanks
  4. I bought a soil ph meter. You basically flush the soil and then test the runoff. Or you can place it directly in the soil. My tap water is neutral, so when I water most of the time I use no nutrients. Maybe nutrients once a week. I just learned the other day, less nutrients equals bigger buds and more nutrients equals less flowers but better quality. Simple is good. I use half or a quarter of what it says on the bottle.
  5. Sweet I appreciate it guys.
  6. Just follow the feeding schedule for the nutes you chose, there's a ton. my personal deal for soil is fox farms. There's many that work. start light with young plants when you first start feeding, 1/2 dose maybe. If they don't burn increase it and repeat until your at full doses if they're not burning. with the fox farms trio i do that too water, water, feed. once to twice per week. the flush on the schedule is important because salts will build up in the soil and kill the plant eventual, the flush flushes those out. only measure your runoff when you flush. Measuring soil runoff ph is complicated because the water coming in should be about 6.5 and with healthy soil the water coming out wil be closer to 5.5 and it's confusing. if your feeding it 6.5 water you don't need to ph the runoff. Careful not to over water, it's the most common thing newbies do, i did so did 3/4 of the noobies i've met.
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  7. My biggest mistakes when I started was not planning on pests. Make sure you have your neem oil and dawn dish soap. I Alison make a solution of 2ml to liter spray contain peroxide to clean the leaves a few times a week
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  8. Do y'all care to explain the process and purpose of flushing..thanks

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  9. Flushing just means using straight water to flush out the salts and mineral deposits in your grow. I pour water into the pot until it stacks up and isn't draining. Let that drain a little bit then add more water to completely flush. You can do it once a week or in between veg and flower. I do it once every two weeks. Otherwise you get a buildup of salts and other deposits.

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