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  1. Okay so i have my plant its about 2 1/2 months. It is in a 3-4 gallon pot. Yesterday I noticed that at some new tiers im getting the female white hairs. Now since its starting the flowering stage Im thinking I need to transplant it. But the spot where I am going to plant it at I have a few questions about. 1) The soil isnt really soil its moist hard dirt and at the bottom of the hole is clay. Im sure the roots wont due well in that but i have soil from previous plants that have no nutrients/fertilizers in it. Should i just put some of that soil in the bottom then transplant and fill in or what should I do? Its my first time growing and "Big Momma" is thriving. But I am also wondering if I should just leave it in the pot and let it finish out... Please any advice will be greatly appreciated
  2. ...I'd get some good quility soil, dig a whole where you want it (deep and wide)...then fill the whole with the new soil, transplant, then cover the new soil with native soil.
  3. What would you classify as good soil? In the pot I just used some peat moss and compost soil. She seemed to like it because its a pretty decent sized plant almost 5 1/2 feet

  4. ...a good soil should be pure organic and it should have good drainage, IMHO...the compost is a good thing!, I would start brewing an AACT to give them a soil drench every couple weeks or so to keep the microbes plenty active. can view the thread linked into my signature titled, "Soil Food Web Gardening," or just view the organic section ----> Organic Growing - Forums and read, read, read. Good luck bro.

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