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  1. Hi,
    My plant is 7 inches tall and is now in a pot 7 inches wide and 5 inches deep. I was thinking of transplanting, should I do it now?

    The new soil is organic with peat moss, non dehydrated compost, perlite and limestone. It also contains MYCORRHIZE. this forms an association with plant roots, mycorrhizal fungi increases moisture and nutrient retention intake wich inhances plant groth, it states on the bag.

    the numbers are 0.5, 0.4, 0.2.

    Is this soil good to transplant in, if so what nutrients is better?

    I have miracle grow: (8-7-6) and (12-4-8).
    also 25-10-10 plant food.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. was wondering what you all think?
    Any tips or thoughts?
    This my first plant so no to sure..
    I tried the search button and found lots of info here but wans't 100% sure of my soil and what strength for nutes to add.
    Hoping for some ideas or tips.
  3. gj growing this far with no probs, if you wish to transplant to a bigger pot feel free to do it now, so you avoid doing it during flowering, your soil NPK is alright also you got some decent nutes, are you going to flower the moment you see preflowers? if so pick up some high P nutes
  4. Hi Concept,
    Thanks for the reply. Glad the soil is ok, I tried to get it as close as possible to what the members suggests here. I will let it veg more for now. Planing on transplanting in a 5 gallon bucket with holes, and small rocks at the bottom for drainage. I will open the bag of soil now and see if there is enough of that perlite mixed with it. :)
  5. yea for 5 gallons, make sure their is a decent amount of perlite in their, i usually mix in vermiculite with my soil as well, i take it you want to have some 4 ft plants, that'll be a nice grow, also if you want to maximize bucket use i suggest using some hydroton rocks, these go on the top of the soil so the top 5% of the soil can be used for root mass
  6. is this because the rocks shield the soil from light, and the roots can come up right to the top where they would not if the light shone on (or near) them directly. ie I never heard before that roots don't like light but can assume they don't by this comment. it seems amazing that roots would grow up to utilise soil back above their natural growth pattern.

  7. these hydroton's are commonly used in hydro setups but still used in soil, they help the soil on top retain moisture so the roots could use the upper portion

  8. Hi Concept, I bought some vermiculite, thanks for the tip! I would like to see it grow to 4 ft and I guess that would be lucky for a first time grower. I have 4 cfl lights, 2 at 6500K and 2 at 4100 K colors. The plant is in a small room 5X5 ft with white walls and the light seem to reflec very much off of them, when I get out of there I'm like lightly blinded:cool: . So blue lol... maybe too much? I hope that will work.

    I will search for the hydroton rocks. Until then (or if I can't find any) can I use regular marbles on top? Or is there really something that those rocks do differently than regular rocks or marbles while in the pot?
  9. wear shades in there m8. Like this ------->:cool:
    I did the same & it fks u up.
    No point squinting & u can't see what ur doing anyway.
  10. lol yeah I will wear sunglasses. Speaking of light, when the transplant is finished (like just now lol), do I turn the lights back ON of leave them OFF for a while??
  11. well if your ok with ordering from secure sources online, just order the hydroton rocks online from better grow hydro, these hydroton rocks are specialized for this, rocks may just contaminate with pests, marbles wouldn't would choke the soil, but i def recommend picking up a bag of 10lb hydroton rocks $12, here's a link:
  12. Thanks for the link. I found a hydroponic store in my area. they must have that in stock. I'll go visit this week. Your help in this thread was much appreciate! :wave:
  13. Hi, it's been 5 days now since the transplant (last sunday aug.27). my bucket has rocks at the bottom for drainage, I added lots of perlite and vermiculite to the soil and I drilled like 30 holes at the buttom of the bucket. So it should drain well but the soil is still very humid half way and even more so at the bottom. All I have is a humidity probe tester and it says WET all the way to the right of the guage, it could go further but a pin is stopping it from doing a 360 lol. My plant is droopy for the past 24 hours so I thought of asking the kind people here if this is normal at this stage after transplant. What about the humidity of my soil? Normal? Should I water again cause the plant looks droopy?

    Thank you very much!
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