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Need help with smoking tools.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eike, May 3, 2011.

  1. I don't like having large pipes or bongs around, and I keep my smoking hobby a secret. I have a chillum, but I rarely use it. I smoke mostly blunts.

    And that's my problem. I'm looking for something that won't suck up my herb like blunts but will still get me as high as blunts do. Usually, half a decent blunt will do me for several hours.

    So, anyone know of any small, discrete pipes or whatnots that can help me out?
  2. Go to your local headshop and pick what fits your needs and situation.
  3. yea you can buy a glass pipe in many cool designs that are discrete. they can get you really high off one bowl which is equivalent to 1/8 of a blunt. the reason they get you so high is because it's large amount of smoke rushing to your head. theyll run you from 6-30$ depending on a couple things. they are a bitch to clean and keep up with.

    i recommend a small bong with percs.. they will get you higher than youve been in a little weed.. you can even get an acrylic one about 12-18 inches that can fit in a bag and wont break.. trust me its worth the investment!! :bongin:

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