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  1. Okay so I have a room in my house that I have the box in. The problem is that room smells to high heaven. I do have a cheap DIY filter with activated carbon in it. But my box has a few flaws in it. There are a few cracks that cannot be sealed with the growbox door.

    My question is. If I invest 150 USD on a ozone generator at my local grow shop, do you think I can keep the smell in that room down? I'm not worried about that room so much as the fact that it's leaking in and out when I go in and out and my house is starting to smell like a joint.

    Grow box is 2x4x4 and it's inside a room that's 10ft x 15ft.

    I'm masking as much as possible with candles and inscents. But I need something to eliminate orders..

    So order eliminator and ozone? should this do the trick?
  2. Sounds like the answer to your question is right in front of you...
    Instead of adding elements to your setup, why not just fix the inherent problem? I bet you could seal those cracks up for a lot less than you'd spend on the extra gear. The DIY filter you have may do the trick once you have control of the air.
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    Don't buy the ozone generator at the hydro store, you'll get charged a premium.

    Also, if you build a carbon filter with good airflow and put a powerful enough fan on it, there should be a negative pressure drawing air from the room into the growbox at all times (except when the door is wide open) forcing all delicious-smelling air through the carbon filter before being exhausted, and you should have zero smell.
  4. I just got back and bought a ozn-jr from the store for 90 USD. I will plug it in and see if it works. But like you guys both mentioned. I'll be working on the problem between grow cycles. If I can seal the grow box that should be the end of the problem! thx guys.
  5. Some good tips, best of like with your generator. You should post back with some results and make and model in a week. I have some minor issues caused by leaks I need to address. I just do not want to TEAR up the carpet but I see it coming ...
  6. Here's a pic of my room setup. I put the ozn-jr next to the door and within 2 hours the whole room smelled of no marijuana. Only smelled like a rain storm.

    This product has a built in timer. Goes off every 10mins for 10mins to save on electricity and to also keep from building up to much ozone.

    As you can see my doors are duel open/close. This is where I have some cracks at the top and bottom. I think I can solve the problem with some velcro, or possibly a big heavy tarp/blanket to cloak the box with.

    Remember on top of this box is my flo's and CFL's for clones and babies.

    Anywho, product works it's efficent at 1000 cubic feet. That's more then enough room from this small area in which the smell was getting too.

    The main problem was in leaking out of the room and making the house smell like a joint.

    But now it's all good. Will work on sealing once my current cycle of WW is done cooking.

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