Need help with slow growth/root rot

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    Some details (DWC Grow) Nutes I'm using (pH perfect Bloom/Grow/Micro pH down/up Hydroguard)
    She runs between 70-85 degrees, high during the day/lower temp at night
    Giving her 5mL of Grow 2.5mL of Micro 2.5mL of Bloom and 3mL of Hydroguard
    I've also been giving her Hydrogen peroxide these last two weeks to combat the problem (capfull a week)
    I cloned her 5 weeks ago, her growth is extremely slow but she does have a lot of roots
    Her humidity varies between 55% - 75%
    She has an air conditioning unit, 2 fans on her, and a 4 panel LED light on her ( I only keep veg switch on)
    I've wrapped Mylar all around the room and under her also, she's the only clone I got so I can't start over
    I also change her container once every two weeks and give her fresh water also, I've been using distilled water these last two weeks.
    Giving her 3 gallons of water every container change, I keep the light 2 1/2 feet away from her

    She has alot of roots but seems to still be having root rot problems, her root rot showed up about 2 weeks ago and I've been treating it ever since. She looks different from all the other plants I've grown and seems to have weird leafs poking out that don't look normal. I cloned her while my mother plant was deep in the flowering process (6-7 weeks in flowering) but she is growing and continues to add new roots. The peroxide definitely seems to be helping but I dunno she still doesn't look right. I'll post photos below, the blue shaded ones are from last night and the plainer ones are from about 1 week ago. Sorry for the long winded post.

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  2. Lol damnn man thats one deformed mothafucka
  3. Yeah I know. Never seen a plant with this type of vegetation, have no idea what the three unorthodox leaves sticking out implicates.
  4. Also forgot to mention I cannot seem to get her pH to stay static very long. It tends to shoot up in hours, even when I get it down to 5.5-6.0 also I have to use a lot of pH down to do so. I've stopped giving her pH down as of right now because I suspect that may have contributed to this weird growth/root rot. Any ideas on how to fix the pH problem.
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  6. Alrighty, I'll grab some better photos today/tonight when I get off work.
  7. She's re-vegging. When taken out of flower, even as a clone, then placed back in a veg cycle, it gets all sorts of banged up as it goes down to a single leaf and often lose the serrated edges too. It will turn around in a couple of weeks and grow normal again.

    I see a little rot, and some kind of jelly on the roots maybe? Get rid of that jelly. But, you seem to have lots of good new roots growing. You're in good shape.

    Don't use H202 and Hydroguard at the same time. The peroxide will kill your Hydroguard.

    My suggestion would be to trim the lower infected looking roots and stop the H2O2 and keep up the hydro guard. Veg growth will resume normally in a couple of weeks once it gets a grip on it's new photoperiod.
  8. Ah ok appreciate the help man, I'll trim those roots tonight and stop the peroxide treatment. Do you have any suggestion for the amount of hydroguard to use per gallon?
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  9. Directions say 1 mL/gal - to inoculate these plants, I's start with fresh nutes and 2 mL/gal. Thereafter just add 1 mL/gal each rez change
  10. Alrighty thanks for the help bro.
  11. First off I see some root rot for sure. When re introducing a flowing plant into veg it's called a monster crop. Monster cropping produces a godly amount of vegetation when flowered later on. I don't know what the mother looks like or if the genetics are any good. Are you using feminized seeds? As your nutes are concerned I used General hydroponics flora series with liquid koolbloom as a booster/additive. I also use 2ml of hydro guard for every gallon of water. Feeding schedule as follows:


    In my opinion its foxtailing from the stress thinking it's still in flower that's those weird looking leaves you have. Foxtailing produces weird growth and you typically see it with a plant that's been stressed quite a bit.

    No worries let it re veg!

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  12. I'm currently using Advanced Nutrients formula (Grow,Bloom,Micro) Glad you explained the deformed leaves because those had me worried lol. Her mother plant was fairly healthy but had some problems not too many though. She was a cutting and her mother was just part of a regular batch of seeds we got. I would order more but I'm kinda worried about purchasing seeds online and what the penalty would be if I got caught (I live in the south)
  13. Use seedsman and don't worry about being caught their stealth is amazing

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  14. How many times have you used them? I'll probably have them shipped to my apartment. Do they usually put anything else in the box to hide the seeds or just the seeds themselves? Not to be anal about this but I cannot afford to get caught or me and my roommate will be kicked outta here. Thanks for the help.
  15. It depends on the size of order but I got mine in safe and sound used them 4 times now! Even got breeder packages last time. Cost me a bit extra but it was worth it

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  16. Seen companies usually send you an innocuous item and it's stealthily inside it somewhere. It's a sort of easter egg hunt.

    And the return sender and address is never like - Cannabis Seeds Wholesale Inc... - They are stealthy
  17. Alrighty that sounds fairly safe. Did you use your actual card or a throwaway card to order? BTW thanks for the help recently, you've been the #1 guy responding to me consistently.
  18. I've used my own as the other guy stated they are very discreet it's not like It lists anything cannabis related on your statement.

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  19. Ok that sounds good. BTW nice plants dude, I was checking them in one of your other threads. Quick question, how many plants could I grow under a Viarspectra 600W 4 panel LED light? My room dimensions are 4x5x10, I also have a Mars 300W LED in there but I have it turned off. The room is also covered in Mylar material.
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  20. With both lights I wouldn't do more than three plants... me personally I'd probably do two plants but I'd definitely let them get a decent size before flowering them. No point in having a third of your watts turned off during the most important stage (flower)

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