Need help with root discoloration

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  1. Grow seems to be going well but I'm seeing some concerning signs in the roots. Most of the roots are white but there are a couple of roots that look brownish and slimey. I'll post pictures of the roots below, little backstory this plant just started re-vegging about 2-3 weeks ago and pulled her from a mother plant deep in flowering. Had some root problems that I seemed to take care of a week or 2 ago but want to hop on this before it becomes a big problem.
    Nute schedule - 5mL Grow/2mL Micro & Bloom/3mL Hydroguard (I refeed/change containers every 10 days or so)

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  2. I'm not a DWC guy but it has been my experience that brown and/or slimey roots are caused by water temperatures being too warm.

    Hopefully someone chimes in with more experience - but can you do a water change? Are these bubble buckets?

  3. Hmmm alrighty and yes they are bubble buckets I made myself. I'll more into that.
  4. I think you should read here - Root Root: How to fix/prevent it
  5. If your using 3ml of hydrogard you have 1.5 gallons of water in each bucket. Hydrogard is 2 ml a gallon. What's your ppm with all your nutrients?
  6. Haven't gotten a PPM meter yet, I was recommended to use 3mL of hydroguard for 3 gallons of water. Mind you I have 3 gallons of distilled water in a 5 gallon tank.

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