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  1. So basically I made a huge mistake and didn't rinse out my coco and it was not pre rinsed or pre buffered. I buffered it but didn't rinse and and my plants growth ia extremely slow. Am I able to flush the plants now and if so with that remove my cal mag. My run off P.H is around 6.5 so obviously I want to get that down.

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    runoff PH in coco? meaningless. i feed at 5.8, runoff is always between 6 and 6.5 for me. Only a slurry test will show you the PH of your medium in coco.

    PPM runoff is how you test for needing to flush with coco. if its more than 200 PPM higher than what i put in, i flush

    i always flush with 1/4 strength base nutes. that way the flush doesn't upset the cation balance in the coco so much, and the plants only look better after the flush, they don't notice the huge volume of water of a flush.... its coco.

    they DO notice the cation imbalance if you use plain water, IMO, and you will lose a day of growth that way, again IMO

    so 1/4 strength nutes, and the normal dose of cal and mag you've been using. if you have a meter flush until the runoff is no more than 100PPM higher than what you are pouring in.

    immediately after i flush i feed, normal feeding.

    if you don't have a meter, flush with 3 or 4 times the pot size. i usually end up flushing a 3 gallon coco/perlite pot with 6 or 7 gallons of flush. i don't remember ever having the flush take more than 7 gallons... even when flushing new coco (with CAN be salty regardless of brand. some brands have better quality control.... but i always check it)

    mg and ca deficiencies are two distinct plant problems - recommend you treat them that way. don't treat a MG problem by adding Mg AND Ca - this could make other problems, since Ca easily can lockout other ions, likewise adding Mg when treating a Ca problem. i also recommend that the manufacturer rename these Ca-Mg blends to" bad shit waiting to happen someday juice"

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