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need help with recipes

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by supa high saiyan, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. i am looking for edibles that can be made in a crok pot or cooked without a kitchen and can i add cannabutter to nuttella and then make a fire cracker with it for a strong edible? tolerance is not a issue so comment some strong recipes thanks and i know this is off topic but is a 5 day tolerance brake worth it? i smoke more for medicinal purposes so its hard to take long breaks but i miss being able to get zooted off .5
  2. A five day T break is certainly worth doing, the longer the better though. Since you can't use an oven for decarb you will need to cook your butter/cannabis mixture for about 12 hours which hopefully is long enough to decarb your bud. For the most potent recipe grind your cannabis very fine and leave it in the butter. I think it tastes terrible, but it's the only way to get 100% potency. For potent edibles you need to pack in as much cannabis as you can so if you can get concentrate it gets much easier to make a potent edible. Just use any recipe you desire- I always us a mix and don't cook from scratch. Potent edibles will increase your tolerance quickly. Good luck and enjoy!
  3. @supa high saiyan
    A small toaster oven is your best bet for making high grade oil.
    Decarb all cannabis destined for edibles 240 F for 40 minutes.
    Combine decarbed weed with just enough coconut oil to fully wet. You want mud pie consistency. More oil means weak end product.
    Adding 1/6th lecithin will double the effects IMO.
    Heat combined weed and oil 220 F for 20 minutes, Freeze, Reheat and it's done.
    Add to brownie mix and cook normally. or just eat a tiny portion of the oil.
    If your doing a lot of oil like a cup of weed and a cup of oil extend the heat stage to 60 minutes.
    As far as long term usage of edibles goes in the short term it may raise tolerance but with extended use it racks up a cumulative effect and you actually wind up using less to stay higher.
    I haven't had a sober day in years now on hash oil and if I take to many hash capsules to close together I'll get just as hammered as the first time I over did it on the stuff.
    Mine is 98% medical and I stopped smoking it all together now doing just capsules of either pure hash oil or my lower strength RSO.
    Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture
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  4. thanks for all the info guys and will adding cannaoil to the regular fire cracker recipe be a good idea? i wanna make one before my vaction

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