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Need Help with ready drink..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shocker911, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Ok here it go's I used the ready drink acouple times worked all the time But I just used it this time and I drank 2 extra bottles of water after I used the ready drink which made it flood the test and made it delute so I have a chance to retake the test in two days I got the drink and cleansing pills for the weekend.. I have not smoked in two weeks and before that I only smoked one time on the weekend but only nugs.. I have the test at 1230 on monday When I wake up what would you suggest drinking before the test so I dont drink to much water and flood the test. I plan on taking the drink at 10:45 so it has two hours the reason why I drank so many bottles of water last time is because I was nervous and could not piss till the 3rd bottle! So im gonna give it more time so I dont have to take off to give the piss test till 1145 so I will have an hour to piss two times b4 I go in. i been drinking water almost everyday but would I drink cranberry juice b4 the test so I dont flood it tomuch? What is you're suggestions thanks guys!! It will help out alot!
  2. what?
  3. Im sorry man I just woke up and Didnt even read it before I posted. But I am mainly asking I take the test at 1230 and gonna drink the drink at 10:45 to give it 1 and 45 mins. What would suggest I drink b4 the test and eat so I am healthy for the day.. The reason why Im asking what I should drink is because I did the test at 730 am last time and drank water all night N the water added up the water I already drank So I think it flooded out the detox drink. Would it be fine if I just drank like cranberry or some kind of juice intill I have to drink the detox drink? Im just asking suggestions Im a very little smoker and have not smoked in 2 weeks and 1 time a week b4 that but all nugs so I wanna be safe and make sure I pass this test as it is a lab test and I used the drink on lab test b4.
  4. oooohhh i think hes talking about a drug test drink that makes you pass a drug test? :confused:
  5. instead of water substitute it for green tea and take some creatine. green tea flushes nd helps with color so does the creatine

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