Need help with putting seed into root riot plug

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  1. I apologize for asking another question so soon. I'm curious how you guys put your seeds into a plug if the taproot won't face downwards? It broke out of the shell in a horseshoe shape while in the paper towel now I'm trying to put it into a plug. The head/bulb automatically goes to the bottom with the taproot sticking out of the top. How can I fix this? I'm trying to be careful with it but the taproot keeps ending up poking out of the top no matter how I lay it in.

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  2. Never liked those plugs, directly into medium works better. Tap root side down either way it'll grow as its supposed to.

    Directly in medium wouldnt have that issue as entire seed would be covered
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  3. Slice the plug open. Lay sprout where it needs to be. Close plug and tie with thread.

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  4. skip the paper towel. Use fly fishing forceps to place seed with crack down in olug, then cover with 1/4 tsp of dry vermiculte.
  5. germ in a tiny plastic bag like the one seeds arrive in, keep damp
    the tail will emerge straight, once 2-3 inches long
    carry with those green handles that grow free too

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