need help with purple wreck veggies

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  1. greetings,
    so here is the problem, have 12 baby purple wreck babys. stems are 3-5 inches long but the the leaves are not developing fast enough and the stem is to thin. Using flourescent and incandescent lighting. The soil base is just miracle grow's rooting soution and they are still in little planters and have been for about five days. Any solutions, Doctors?

  2. Incandescent lighting does nothing, get it away from your plants now. It creates a lot of heat and doesn't have the right light spectrum. You need at least around 600 watts to grow those 12 plants.... No incandescents. I'd suggest a HID system for that many plants.

    Throw out your dirt and get some new stuff. Miracle grow is awful; it has time release nutrients and will fuck up just about any grow. Get us some pictures!

    How many watts are you using (actual wattage, not equivalent). Any ventilation? What's the temperature? Humidity? pH?

    Doctors need do run a few tests before they can pinpoint a problem, but those suggestions should help.
  3. what kind of soil should i get...everyone tells me foxfarm.
  4. Fox farm works if you can find it. If not, any sort of decent, organic topsoil in a bag from your local nursery will work.
  5. Sative.... How many & what types of floro's do you have ? CFL bulbs, T-12's..etc...
    How many watts total & in what spectrum (daylight which equals blue which is great for vegging or warm which is red which is great for flowering) ?
    Definenately remove the incandesents, as they have a very red spectrum and product too much heat. Too much red spectrum & too much heat will cause tall spindly plants, which equals stress, and can up the numbers of males to females.
    Go to Lowses, Home Depot or Wal-mart, get one bag of composted cow manure and/or hums, a bag of peat moss, and a bag of perlite from the garden section. Mix them in the following ratios: composted cow manure and/or humus 50 %, peat most 30 %, perlite 20 %. Wet while mixing to moisten it, but don't turn it into mud.
    When you pot up to larger pots, this "no shock" mix, will allow you to control the nutrients being provided to the plants. Plus it's cheap, all three bags will cost you less than $ 20.
    Hook us up with this info on your lights, space available to grow in, and temps in that space, with that info we can help you sort things out & get the most from your grow.
  6. just got back from home depot. wish i would have seen your post before i went...i looked for some different potting soil then miracle grow. but it seemed that home depot has only two brands soil. scotts and miracle grow. Bought scotts potting soil (it is the highest nitrogen levels.) Is there any kind of plant food that i can use to feed them to ensure there health? A couple oldhead friends told me chicken shit and another friend told me to piss into a gallon of water and feed it that, they will thrive off the nitrogen levels of your diluted urine...these kind of sound like old school hillbilly alternatives.I also bought two 150 watt flourescents. I bought a 400 watt hps bulb and plan on buyin another when i get paid. But hone depot stopped carrying ballast for hps bulbs over seventy watts.
    I designed a small space in an empty waste high cabinet. It is lined with tin foil and on the inside and lights sit about 5 to 7 inches from the plants. Kinda poor right now or i would have bought a ph tester to. No pics yet as my camera is certainly broken.
    The plants look a little healthier the stems are starting to support there weight. should i run a fan inside the cabinet or would that cause to much stress? Also can any one tell me where i can find the genetics of purple wreck. I would like to know a little more about it then i do

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