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  1. whatsup my plants are okay for now but the other day they were dropping really bad. I watered and they perked back up to see that they did the same thing the next day. Almost wilted. Dropping bad. I raised the light to 26” and I haven’t had a problem since. I was wondering if this was a nutrient issue, I’m using top dressing root grow, with sohum soil
  2. No, it is a water issue. Increase you watering frequency by 1/4.
    as the plants grow, the water requirements will change. Experience will tell you when to water more.

    If you are not watering sufficiently, you will eventually generate a problem with your roots. The additives you are using (or even the crap in the water) will eventually build up in the soil and make your life miserable.

    It is good practice to water containers so that at least 1/4 of the water used drains away, carrying off what was left from last watering. Then once or twice during the grow, particularly when changing your additive profile, to flush the soil with 2 or 3 times the normal watering volume, discarding the runoff.
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  3. I’m finding from people coming into my shop using Sohum that any nutrients added should be done so from the bottom up. Meaning they’re feeding from the drip pan allowing the plant to soak it up from the bottom. Doing this won’t kill all of your micro organisms present in the soil, only maybe the first inch or two. Sohum is amazing stuff for beginners and we sell it cause it’s easy; just PH’d water. I’d try flushing that stuff out. Hope this helps some.
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