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  1. I’ve got a auto ak growing atm it’s currently budding I’ve noticed there’s a few seed pods growing?! It’s a female 100% and has only been next to another female for its lifetime can somome tell me what’s going on do I need to do the dash with it
  2. Some clear, close up pics in natural light would help.
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  3. Heading to the site very soon will post pics then
  4. Stress can herm plants

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  5. I have yet to see a case of a plant stressing out so much over a pic that it turned hermie.
  6. whut? he's not saying taking a pic will cause it to hermie, he saying that despite the plant not being near any males it can hermie from stress while growing...
  7. Then perhaps he should've quoted the OP's comments. He specifically quoted me, so I took it as replying to what I specifically said.
  8. I also have to add that many new growers get confused between a pollen sac and a calyx. A description is nice, but a close up pic make a huge difference. Some even ended up throwing out a plant they assumed was male simply because they thought they saw a pollen sac, which turned out to be just a fat, fuzzy calyx. Can never be too sure without clear, close up pics.
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