Need Help with plant. Pics.

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    Dont know whats up with the plant. I dont know if its healthy or if im doing something wrong.

    Hope the pictures are enough to diagnose a problem if there is one.


    Now that my plant is in the budding stage, does it need alot of light? I have a high pressure sodium bulb, but im hesitant about using it.

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  2. I am by no means a pro, but the first 2 pics look like it's pretty dark in there. Were those taken with the grow lights on?
  3. Yea, look @ how far out the fan leaves are stretching. Your lighting setup needs some help.
  4. It looks to be growing well with good side branching. The only potential problem I see is in the second pic. It apears as if your leave had been chewed by bugs. Is that the only leaf like that? Maybe you should spray the tops of the leaves with a water soap mixture for a week or so. That kills most of the bugs that effect Cannabis.

    better safe than sorry
  5. I edited the thread with a new picture of one of my leaves. Its curling down and under itself, and this is'nt the only one. There are 3 maybe four other plants like this.

    As for lighting goes, I have been going with these two little 10 watt flouresent bulbs that were meant to be in a fish tank. I also have a bigger 10 watt flouresent bulb that i picked up at walmart that is meant for growing plants. I also have this high pressure sodium bulb that i bought but doesnt work in any of my lamps, should i buy a lamp for it and use it instead?

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