Need help with plant deficiency!!!!!

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  1. So I have a white cookie that is showing signs of Phosphorus deficiency and light cal/mag deficiency... I have since fed cal/mag , bloom, and bud ignitor for the phosphorus because I didn’t want to overdue it on the nitrogen... since feeding things have gotten worse and I have no clue what’s going. I’m going to post pics... any help please would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. These are the P deficiency... or atleast that’s what I think... I need some help here’s fellas

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  3. Did you check your Ph? Maybe its a lockout.
    But my bet would be some toxicity. But I am not sure, some more experienced grower could tell.
  4. Yes I have been staying on top of the PH so I know that’s not it... it did have a nitro toxicity so I flushed it out and that caused stunted growth... now it has begun growing again but showed signs of cal/mag deficiency which I took care of.... and now I’m having this issue which leads me believe it’s a P deficiency since phosphorus and calcium deficiency go hand in hand but I fed a phosphorus specific additive and the problem is getting worse so i honestly have no idea. I’m needing the help of a true plant guru right now
  5. and ladies :D
  6. ph at the roots is not right its not a def but does mimic that effect
  7. So if the ph in my res is correct?.... how is the ph not correct at the roots?... not trying to be a smart ass I’m just a noob and I’m a DWC setup I don’t understand how the ph of my water could change the ph of the roots... please explain.
  8. And excuse me! Ladies too:)
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  9. it was impossible for me to know you was in DWC i should have asked first my bad anyway your throwing nutrients at a plant you think may have p deficiency and its getting worse whats your E.C/TDS readings???
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  10. No worries, your totally good. I should have given a more accurate description of my setup to begin with... not sure if it matters but:
    Lights: HLG 550 v2 rspec
    Medium: hydroton
    Deep Water Culture
    I use a pretty extensive line up of advanced nutrients
    PH is always between 5.6-6.4 (I like to fluctuate a little as I know certain nutrients uptake better at different PHs)
    Res changes every 7-10 days
    Carbon filter
    RH= 58-69
    Temp never goes above 77 usually at 75F
    I baby these plants so I’m really trying to figure this out.

    After all my research, I agree with you that’s it’s a P deficiency... I just don’t know why the problem is getting worse.
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  11. its a strange one with you having all the bases covered :confused_2::confused_2:
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  12. Forsure, but I will keep you guys updated and I’ll get to the bottom of this
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  13. i look forward to that buddy good luck :)
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  14. Appreciate it my man. When the deficiencies was bad I fed her heavy for a short time then did a goof flush and will continue on with light feedings from here on out. We’ll see how that ROA goes for me.
    Stay Medicated.
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  15. Just an update to keep people interested, I’m still treating that sick plant trying to figure out what the problem is... in the mean time here’s a pic of my auto room. Lambs breath day 40

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