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  1. Dunno if this is the right place, but grass city wont let me upload pics. They are .jpg so very standard. Done it before and everything , just now that im adding these particular pics, it's across all of them, it keeps giving me an error after I press upload

    Unable to create image: [/var/www/html/photopost/uploads/483235/PICT00212.JPG]

    with a number PICT00212.JPG like seen above, but its different depending on what file im uploading , and its got the numbers wrong in this error message in correspondence to the original on the computer , it actually is called PICT0021.jpg , it Adds a 2 into it, may not be related, but it does it in a similar way for every number in the sequence, when im trying to load all of PICT0017, 19, and 21-25.jpg

    Any assistance is appreciated, trying to get pictures uploaded so that I can get advice. People are trying to help now through just typing, but they request pictures so they can be more accurate , and of assistance
  2. Something sounds broken. I would try an outside service like tinypic in the meantime until the normal uploader starts working.
  3. well im not sure what would cause this.. but the jpg pictures i tried to upload that were taking directly off of my camera.. I found out those were the only pictures it would not let me upload. I took screenshots of them and saved them again, and those ones loaded on just fine. Weird, and I don't quite understand what caused it; but that was the solution

    and even on the ones that worked it changed around the numbering in the before and after upload titles.

  4. Maybe the originals direct from your camera before you screen shot them were too large? Did you re-size them? The screen shot photos would have been a smaller file size and resolution?
  5. What are the picture size you are trying to attach ?
  6. I can't post pics more then once - If I post in one thread I can't post in another thread, it gives me an upload error and tells me: You have already attached this file to ... it gives me the link, so I try and copy and paste the URL it gives me another error. Why can't I post the same picture in more than one place?
  7. IDK why it'll only let you attach a pic once...probably to save on server space...

    If you go to your user cp, at the bottom on the left click on attachments...right click on the pic you want and choose copy link location...

    You can then insert the pic in a post using the [​IMG] button...

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