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  1. This year will be my first attempt in growing cannabis outdoors. I found this chart to help me understand sunrise and sunset times. I understand lighting times indoors. Of course this has to be dramatically different outdoors.

    By the chart and my area this is what I came up with:

    May 15th 2010 Sunrise is 4:34am and sunset is 7:29pm so approx 15 hrs of light,
    06/01/2010 4:19 to 7:47 15 hours and 26 minutes light
    06/15/2010 4:15 to 7:56 15 hours and 45 minutes light
    07/01/2010 4:20 to 7:57 15 hours and 40 minutes light
    07/15/2010 4:30 to 7:51 15 hours and 20 minutes light
    08/01/2010 4:49 to 7:33 14 hours and 40 minutes light
    08/15/2010 5:05 to 7:12 14 hours and 10 minutes light
    09/01/2010 5:26 to 6:42 13 hours and 16 minutes light
    09/15/2010 5:43 to 6:16 12 hours and 30 minutes light
    10/01/2010 6:03 to 5:45 11 hours and 45 minutes light

    These times are all approximates.

    Now if I were to put my plants out on June 1. When are they going to start to flower outside?
    My real concern is I have already been vegging the plants I want to put outdoors, and they are over 5 feet tall already. By the look of the chart my plants will not start to flower until the middle of September.
    I guess what I am looking for is, I always thought the plants started to flower in August.
    I cannot imagine vegging for 3 months outdoors starting with 5 to 6 foot plants.

    Can anyone help me understand outdoor growing a little bit better.

    My strains will be 2 super lemon haze, and 1 lsd.
  2. August 3rd

  3. So what you are saying when the daylight is still at 14 hours and 40 minutes the flowering process will start?

  4. Thanks for your elaborate responses. So from your answer I assume that you know without any uncertainty that around or about August 3rd all plants in the Northern Hemisphere will start to flower.
  5. In what state you are when May 15 have 15hours of light ?

    Well, haze do not start flowering at beginning of Aug,it's more about Aug 15 to Sep 1.
    But you will see by flowering how much hazes are in that cross (imo bullshit gens).

    LSD probably around Aug1-7 but any real Haze do not have chance before Aug 15+
  6. I live in Oregon(in a desert part of the state)

    You can go to this site to figure out exactly daylight hours for any area:
    Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for One Year

    In may May 1st sunrise is 04:53 and sunset is 19:12
    May 15 sunrise is 04:34 ans sunset is 19:29
    May 31 sunrise is 04:20 ans sunset is 19:46

    So May 15 15 hours of light!!!

    Super Lemon haze is pretty scary for my area it doesn't quite finish early enough.
    It gets cold in October for the most part.
    This is taken from the Green House Seeds website:
    Flowering outdoor: finishes end October in northern hemisphere
    Flowering outdoor: finishes end October in northern hemisphere
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    I like your Sunrise Sunset calendar way better than mine, the closest city I could find to my area was Portland, Oregon and it's about 80+ miles from where I actually live and in a totally different climate.

    I see the problem is day light savings time everything else is pretty much identical, the website you sent me too only does specific areas. Like large cities. I do not happen to live anywhere near the biggest city on the website you suggested. So as long as I put daylight savings into effect on this site Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for One Year then it looks like I can come pretty damn close.

    In may May 1st sunrise is 04:53 and sunset is 19:12
    May 15 sunrise is 04:34 ans sunset is 19:29
    May 31 sunrise is 04:20 ans sunset is 19:46

    With the adjustment's it would look more like this:

    In may May 1st sunrise is 05:53 and sunset is 20:12
    May 15 sunrise is 05:34 ans sunset is 20:29
    May 31 sunrise is 05:20 ans sunset is 20:46

    Same exact times overall. Give or take 5 minutes.
  8. You cant make a statement like this. There is no exact date you can tell someone when their plants will flower outdoors. I think you should think twice before posting.

    Flowering will be strain dependant...both of the strains you listed are a bit long flowering for outdoors at your lat, so what I would say is plant them in an area that gets more afternoon light rather then morning light (hill sides facing NW are good) because that will help quicken the flowering time a little, but everyday counts when october hits because the ghetto birds are out and MJ stands out very badly when the fauna starts changing colors and the MJ plants stay lime green. But a general rule of thumb for outdoors is the last 2 weeks of July till mid August is when most strains will start's and semi-autos will flower sooner, and sativa landraces or sativa dom. hybrids can flower later.

    Next year I would look into strains that will finish in September and something that you would like to smoke...plenty of great outdoor strains that are hardy growers, finish early and great smoke to be had.

    Also on a side note 12/12 indoors is just used the guarentee 99% of the strains out there today flower, some will flower as high as 15/9 (on/off).

  9. After further investigation I found out the website you posted does indeed show specific area's not just large city's as I posted without investigating. My apologies. And thanks for the link. Very helpful:)
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    Thank you very very much for your info, Good stuff!!! :)
    I have other strains that I just put into flower about 10 days ago, I was just vegging the 2 Super Lemon Haze, and the LSD in hopes of being able to do a outdoor grow this year. I obviously have never grown outdoors or I would of never picked these specific strains. I could toss these into my flower room and pull some clones from other strains that I have.

    I could take clones from:

    Violator Kush
    Raspberry Cough

    My 2 Super Lemon Haze are 4 and 5 feet tall, and My LSD is about 2 feet tall, vs Clones starting tomorrow of any of the other strains.

    I can only put 3 plants outside to stay withing my legal limits. I was hoping to put big ones out. So I started vegging early.

    Any advice on these strains would be helpful. If it's any help at all I live in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon. It's primarily a desert area, it gets pretty hot in the Summer, and cold in the Winter. Late October is pushing it.

    And one note to add, I get 95% of the late afternoon sun, I lose some of the early morning sun due to my house being in the damn way.
  11. AK48 or V Kush should finish quick enough...
  12. So you honestly wouldn't even try the Super Lemon Haze or LSD in my area outdoors. I just do not have the room in my flower room for 3 more large plants. I will do it, if you are telling me I am going to have very immature plants due to my area in the Northern Hemisphere. See if you look in my signature at my current grow you will understand my dilemma. Damn it why did I not do better research. I always read and research everything daily. I live on the damn computer.
  13. I was reading up a little bit more about LSD, they say outdoor harvest is mid-September. Does that apply to me in my area or what? I am reading this from the Attitude Seedbank.

    Barneys Farm LSD Feminized
  14. 80miles doesent change so much in sunrise - sunset, climate is another story and it depends of mountains,sea level etc etc ... same like soil where quality depends of just 50meters or so.

    I post you that link to find out do twilight have role in plants life and which of 3 sunrise-sunset charts growers should use.
  15. Mid September harvest for LSD sounds good...thats the harvest date for the dutch area (check latitude) but if they say mid September I'd say you will harvest last week of September...but if space is an issue toss 1 SLH outside, but I'd say the buds will be airy because if they cant go long enough, but its always worth a try :) But I'd put either the 48 or the kush outside just to get an extra plant that will make harvest from outside.

  16. Let's see here, you say I can't say buds will be forming by August 3rd. Now I see here where you're telling him he'll pick last week in Sept. [which should mean buds started forming the first week of August like I said]

    Now your telling him how his buds will form. Quite sure of yourself huh?

    These are things you do not know, maybe you should not post here.
  17. Climate Division 6 - North Central Oregon
    North Central Oregon, climatic Zone 6, is a relatively dry region lying east of the Cascade Mountains. The Cascades serve as an effective moisture barrier, causing storms to dump much of their moisture west of the peaks and leaving areas to the east in a "rain shadow." As a result, Zone 6 is generally rather dry. The region extends from the Columbia River southward over hill country to the forested mountain areas, which border climate Zone 7. The Columbia is used in irrigation, transportation and hydroelectric power, and therefore dominates the area.

    This is a description of my area, I am focusing on rainfall, snowfall, and temps in the month of October.
  18. Just in case I took 2 Violator Kush plants out of my bubble buckets, and replanted them into soil. And I am determined to grow the LSD outside. I am positive the weather in my area will allow a plant to mature all the way until the end of September and Possibly the middle of October, the end of October would take a act of god. So I decided against the Super Lemon Haze. It would have to be a remarkable year for the weather to stay nice until the end of October.

    The 2 little plants are the VK's I just put them into bubble buckets from a cloner less than 2 days ago. So the replant to soil was easy and there were lots of very healthy roots. The other plants next to the little ones are super lemon haze, and LSD, and there is one still in a bubble bucket that is Raspberry Cough. The other room is my flower room, everything in there is 10 days into flower. So I would assume if I were to take clones now is the time. The stretch is killing me in that room.

    Anyway I am a picture person, so showing in so few of words is the size of the super lemon haze, and the size of the VK, that is what bummed me out, I wanted my slh to work outside so bad, but I refuse to grow a plant outside that cannot finish, I can only grow 3 plants outside, and they are going in very large pots with Ocean Forest Potting soil. All three plants will be on a large deck in my backyard.

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