Need help with order (still no delivery)

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Josarian, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. I placed my order 6/15 in the hopes that i would have it by today (am leaving on vacation tomarrow morning). I got shipping confirmation on 6/27, but still have not recieved anything. I realize that this may not be a grasscity problem but hoped that someone may be able to help me. thanks in advance.

    EDIT: I already sent this through customer support on the site a few days ago but got no response, and I will probably not be able to check this thread until i get back in about a week
  2. If it was shipped the 27th i wouldn't expect to see it until the 12th or possibly sooner. good luck, these packages take a while to get there... I was in the same boat you were going out of town, I had to go to europe w/o the bong I ordered for rosklide festival(was going to clean it and bring it back home) hehehe

  3. We ship from Europe and shipping can take up[ to 14 business days upon arrival, so I shouldexpect it within a week or so.


  4. Just got back from the beach, and while i would have really liked it at the beach any dissapointment is wiped away by the quality of the product, thanks guys :)
  5. Hey, webmaster. You should put that information out more clearly. I've placed an order and been pulling my hair out waiting for it.

  6. just look at the faq in the support area in the shop. People need the time to read stuff before saying it is not there, because it is!


  7. Oh, you mean that one, well in that case I still have an issue. It says 3-6 day for the UPS shipping. Well, I payed the extra money for it and here we are 8 days since it was shipped and my order hasn't arived yet. So, what's the deal with that? I can't seem to get any answers about it.

    I thought you ment (in earlier thread) that 14 days was for all shipments. That's why I wrote that, but now that I know that it was only for normal shipping, I pissed again.

    So, since I can't get any answers from the active support request (all I can figure is that your ignoring me), can you please tell me why I still haven't recived my order. And could you tell me how to get my money back for the 3 day shipping since It seems you shipped my order the regular way (If you shipped my order art all)?

  8. We have looked up your order, it has been shipped indeed with regualr shipping, this takes up to 14 business days upon arrival, you will need to sign for aproval it is a regsitered package. We will refund you the difference for regular shipping. Sorry for the inconvinience, we will refund you via stormpay!



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