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Need help with OMMP in pain who dosent smoke..

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by whygarden, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I grow for a OMMP card holder and she is in a wheelchair and in lots of pain all the time..We tried tink and i dont think it was strong enought..i got it from a friend so dont know how it was made?...I have 24oz of kill bud that is hers plus lots of shake and leaf...she doent smoke!...Can some one help me?..I never have liked eating it so i never learned all the ways?...Here is some of the things i was thinking of but dont know how to do..Stronger tink...gee butter...hash pills..could i just grind up the bud and put it in pills?its really sticky....If some one that is a OMMP card holder and lives around Portland Oregon and wants to help me i will kick down some meds in trade..
  2. Make cannabutter and bake it into a lot of things. I have Crohn's disease and I find that edibles made with cannabutter tend to be stronger / have much better effects on my symptoms than edibles made other ways. It shouldn't be hard to look up recipes for cannabutter on here.

    Also no you cant just grind up weed and put it in pills. You can grind it up, and simmer it in high fat cooking oil on a low temperature until the weed turns brown. Last time I did it that way it took me an hour to cook a 1/4 ounce. Then you just strain out the weed and fill capsules up with the oil. It's pretty hard to do this very well though (by that I mean its hard to make such potent oil that you could take only a capsule's worth or two and feel the effects).

    Tinctures are a great idea, especially if she's sick. I've had a cold for the last couple weeks that I haven't been able to shake because of my shitty immune system, I've been taking an agave nectar tincture (infused with MMJ of course) and its helped soothe my cough a lot.
  3. ummmm.....vaporize it?

    Has she ever heard of that? Its not smoke, its literally vapour. Let her try it. Some say it eases it but not to the point where edibles work, some say it works wonders. It works by hot air simply being fanned through the bud, and into a bag/tube (where you inhale from). The hot air is hot enough to vaporize the THC on the bud. I smoke daily, and just got a vape yesterday and tried it for the first time. VERY different to smoking. Not even smoking.

    Sorry if you knew all of this.

    And as for edibles - I find myself quite experienced in cooking with marijuana. Edibles are by FAR much more alleviating in pain than any other method. You feel a full body stone, rather than more in the head. Your body feels buzzing with that kushy-indica feeling (provided your using her indicas for pain-relief). I would say possibly try cook the oil in coconut oil - it has the highest fat content than any other butter or oil, so THC extraction is at a higher percentage.

    Let me know if you need any other help!
  4. I know this is old but look up the forum Badkittysmiles.. Bro look at her edibles she a pro chef in my opinion and she shares her recipes.

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