need help with odor control

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  1. hey i am wondering if anyone has any sugestions for odor control. i had my plants in the basement and it makes the whole house smell before veg even.
  2. that doesnt work at all the room where it grows is open behind a wall and i am not sure what to do because the smell goes up in the celling up to the 2nd floor and it just makes the basement smell really bad to.
  3. Get a carbon filter.
  4. will that get rid of all of the smell threw out the house it is about an 4 by 10 room in the basement and the celling just is open into the middle of the house would it be good to get some kind of a cover to go over the top gap
  5. I've found a couple of those Neutrogina odour thingies in my small grow room have really helped. Ok when you open the door the smell wafts out a bit but with the door shut you don't know they are there.

  6. Yankee Candle. That is what I use. But also depends how many plants you have. Take a look at the DIY Carbon Filters They work great. :wave:

  7. yeah! Women Candles. I'm a fan.
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  9. i dont have a way to hook up a an air duct outside so would a carbon filter with a fan built into it work i see some for about 180 on ebay

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