Need Help With Odor Control.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm in the process of growing my own CFL PC Grow box and I have a few questions about odor control that I need a little help with.

    So my question is, How can I control the odor of my plants? I need a low cost solution because I'm on a tight budget and I need to hide the smell so my parents don't find the grow. I can't order anything online so I need a cheap solution that I can get at a local store, I was actually considering putting dryer sheets over my fans so they act as a filter but I'm not sure if that would work.

    Thanks in advance
  2. look into diy carbon filters. you can make one with activated carbon from an aquarium store and a bit of ingenuity.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, I'll try it and post my results. Lol I got locked out of my other account so I made this one
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  5. Ona gel is the best. Can you get some of that? Stick it somewhere near the PC exit fan and the odor is gone. The house will smell like fresh linen. :)
  6. @sfcol: nice tutorial! I'm gonna head out to the store today and get the supplies so I can try to make one!
  7. @RoadLizard:

    I have been looking for the ona gel but I don't have a store to buy it from due to the fact that I don't want to order offline and I also don't have a local hydroponics store. I think the DIY carbon filter is my best bet
  8. Just my luck. I went out today and bought EVERYTHING I needed for my box, and I stopped at goodwill to get the PC, (someone told me they gave the ones they recycle away) and they told me they do recycle them but they don't sell/give them to people... So now I need a PC
  9. Also the carbon was way less than I expected. Only $7
  10. Finished product carbon filter.theres a little bit of space at the top where air can escape. What can I do about that? Just burn candles will help or do I need to find a way to add more carbon?

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  11. I just want to point out what alot of 1st time growers don't realise !!!

    It's all well and good having a CF but when you need to garden you obviously have to open the pc case/tent or drobe the negative pressure drops so the room fills with the scent of MJ.

    You can not mask the scent of MJ in full bloom, I don't want to put you off but hiding it never really works out, low odour strains are ya best bet or just wait till you can grow without hiding it.

    ATB :)
  12. So when the box is closed will it still smell? Even with a carbon filter? And I plan on doing most of the gardening at night when there sleeping. But what I have to do during the daytime I can use Lysol candles incense and febreeze right? It can smell for a little bit just not all the time
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    Unless you burn candles anyway or use fabreeze ya all good but as a parent if one of my 3 kids started doing that I would clock on to it,

    It's your call, the cf will work to a degree but the odour is always there you'll just adapt to it so to speak, best thing I used was olbas oil in a air purifier thing.

    Give it a shot just way up the pros and cons :)

    EDIT*** I forgot to mention the point you'll open it more than you think, it's ya 1st grow so you'll keep wanting to look at it FACT lol ;)
  14. I already burn candles and stuff. But what if I keep a candle lit as much as possible? Will I still be able to smell it or will the combo of the cf and candle at the same time cover it up?
  15. And did you grow your avatar?
  16. It might that all depends on strain, northern lights is low odour and copes with LST well so perfect for pc grows.

    And yeah my avatars my tent :)
  17. I don't know what strain it is, it's bag seed. I want to order the northern lights seeds (the checkout is in my favorites lol) but I can't send them to my parents house so I'm kinda SOL. It would really be nice to know what I'm growing though. Haha
  18. Now you have me thinking... I'll rent a p.o box and buy my seeds from with a money order... Does that sound good?

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