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  1. Dumb question I know but for whatever reason, I understand everything else except nutrients..

    Are you suppose to feed your plants when you spot a deficiency?

    Or do you feed your plants based on the schedule from the site online?

    When do you start feeding?

    Please if anyone could help me out and elaborate it for me so I can understand.
  2. 1. Only start feeding after your 3 or 4th set of true leaves.

    2. Get a brand you can rely on and have heard of.

    3. Start the plants off on 1/4 strength see how they react to that and then as they get bigger increase the dosage.

    Eg; week 1 - 1/4 strength.
    Week 2 - 1/2 strength
    And so on ...
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  3. Do you follow the schedule? Or feed when you spot deficiency ?

    What serious of nutrients do you recommend
  4. Well start from when the 3rd or 4th set of leaves start... not when you see a defficncy.. the whole idea is basically to give them sterdoids - lots of lots and lots of nutrients..

    Depends in what you are growing in.. soil ? Coco ? Dwc?

    Personally I am using GREEN PLANET range and don't like it.. next time I'm going to go with SENSI..

    Mostly they have PART A B C (micro,Bloom,flower,) and these will get you through the most part till you see something you must be lacking like calcium for magnisum...

    Take This as a grain of salt as I'm half drunk but pretty sure I'm right here - someone wiser will jump on soon ✌️
  5. Most people go to as low as half or even a quarter dose of what that package says.

    Fox farms trio is nice and I would recommend it for beginners, it's cheap (compared to what some people go and buy) for the results you get.

    You should start feeding about a couple weeks in from sprout, if your grow is already on track meaning no stuntedness or whatever.

    When mixing your nutes be aware of the ph balance, some nutes will make it go way down or up and that can throw everything off. Ideal for soil 6.3-6.8

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  6. Canna nutes for me..pricey but great IMHO
  7. O yea and NPK means Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium. These are vital elements for your plants. N is required mostly during the veg state where all the plant needs to create is stems and leaves. P and K are what is needed in small amounts during veg but needs increase when the flower stage hits. When your plant starts to flower, it will need an abundance of all three NPK because of the stretch where plants can double in size, stretch requires nitrogen because stems and leaves.
    When the stretch stops it is good to lower N but not eliminate it, you will the the feel for all this eventually.

    P and K are used by the plant to create the buds, one helps with abundance of buds meaning there will be a lot note sites where the marijuana forms, the other will help the bulk and density of the buds. (I forget which is which).


    after your girl or girls are looking amazing, you will want to stop the nutes completely, no more feeding for AT LEAST the last 2 weeks before you harvest. This will give the buds a chance to get rid of all the harshness of the chemicals and what not.

    not flushing will ruin your harvest so DO NOT FORGET

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