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  1. Hey guys, this is my firs post on GC and I need some help with my first grow.The plant's about 4 weeks old and within the first 2 weeks i gave it nute burn out of ignorance. I'm not sure how badly it was burned, but the lower leaves haven't been growing at all. It's basically dead where it was burned, but the upper leaves have been experiencing major growth and are nothing but green. My situation is kind of hard to explain but i have pics to help. Also in case anyone's wondering, I flooded the plant with water and there haven't been any new signs of nute burn since last week.

    Once you've taken a look at the pictures, let me know what you think i should do. The only thing i can really think of is to cut off the new growth like it's a cutting for a clone. Hope all this made sense :smoke:

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  2. looks o.k. now. yeah, no food necessary for the first two weeks or so. you def. need to move your light closer. it's really stretching to get to the light!
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    plant looks like the best thing i have ever seen
  4. Ya i found out a little too late not to give it food too early. I also moved the light closer, but I'm not sure how far away to have it. I have a 65W grow light. I need to know what to do though, because it looks like it's going to fall over from being too top heavy. Is there any way to save this plant is what I'm asking
  5. The plant looks great! That one leave you have will be just fine. Don't feed any longer until she shows signs of needing food. If you are using a 65 watt cfl you are going to need much more light than that. A good rule of thumb is 100-150 watts per plant. Cfl's can be about 2-3 inches from the leaves. Use your hand as a guide, whatever is too hot for your hand to be close to will be too hot for your ladies. If it was me, i would look at trying to Lst your girl in order to get a little more side to side growth from her instead of it getting taller as she stretches for light.

  6. Also, if you put a light fan on it. The wind will strengthen the branches. Not too much air, and not on it directly but a small oscillating fan would be perfect
  7. Dude thank you, that was some helpful information. I'll try LST and see how it works with her. Also i have a second 65 W cfl if that would help. The thing i'm afraid of is if it'll make the grow area too hot. With only one 65 W bulb, my normal temp is about 78F. Do u think my plant would be too hot? I also have had a small fan going for a couple of weeks like u described if that helps with temperature of the plant at all. I'm not sure of this plants genetics either, other than it was from a bag of purple bud my friend had. It would've been pretty dank if it had been sinsemilla.

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