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  1. Hello all. First of all, I'd like to say hello to everyone in the community!

    So, here's where I'm at:

    I've recently come into possession of my very own plant. By the looks of it, it is in week 2 or 3 of vegging. However, my partner and I were given this plant before we really had the opportunity to evaluate our condo for its potential to grow.

    The only place I'm thinking that would be possible is the closet in the guest bed room. The closet is 3 feet wide, 2 feet long, and 6 feet tall (it's 6 feet until a shelf, and then there is more space from the shelf to the roof). However, we are on the second story of a three story building. That, coupled with the fact that we're renting this apartment leads me to believe that I'll be limited in drilling into the wall for ventilation (However, the owner of our condo NEVER comes into the place and we have a year long lease, so I suppose I'd be willing to do projects that I could cover up before we eventually move out). Also, I'd be willing to buy a used door to use for the closet and just replace the original before I move. The door to the guest bedroom is always closed, and has no foot traffic (other than me and my partner) through it.

    I'm including pictures of where the plant is at now, what it's currently in, and the light I'm currently using. It's a 60w equivalent CFL bulb (13 watt CFL, produces 900 lumen). I know that this isn't NEARLY enough light to expect any kind of decent growth, but it's the only thing I currently have and I'm just looking to keep it alive now. The plant was given to us by long time growers, and we were told that it's a roughly 50/50 equal sativa/indica hybrid. I know no details about the soil, but a) I assume it's good since the people who gave it to us have been doing this for a while and b) I could find out if it's really that important.

    We've had the plant for about a week and a half, and we've watered it once. The water included an eighth of a teaspoon of nutrients (MiracleGrow). We've kept it on an 18-6 light schedule: 18 hours of light from the bulb outside the closet, and 6 hours of darkness in the closet.

    I have very little experience growing, but I've read a decent amount on growing. However, I really do need some help figuring out what kind of set-up I should have. There are a few grow shops in this city, so I shouldn't have any problems finding materials I might need, and I have a budget of $100-200. I realize I may have to transport my plant into its own self-contained micro-grow, but I wanted to see if I could do anything out of the closet since I'd have more space there.

    Also, I currently have 5 different ropes of outdoor LED lights. I've never seen these practically used in a grow, but I have seen that certain people use LEDs for grow lights. Could I string these up around the walls of the closet as a supplemental light, or would it just not be worth it?

    Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this and for your help!

    The Plant.

    Current, temporary set-up

    Door to the hallway, outside of closet.

    Inside of the closet

    Top half of the closet
  2. Pretty small budget...

    You really need some venting or something, But If you can just skimp by with some More Cfl's and a Oscillating fan , you might be ok..

    I would go with a small HPS 250 or 400 , and a small 4" inline fan to vent the heat for that closet, But thats gonna run you 4 or 5 hundred dollars....
  3. So do you think getting a used door that I could pull holes in could help? I was thinking of going with a CFL set-up, but my major concerns are 1) Dealing with heat, 2) Figuring out how to have proper venting going on, and eventually 3) Smell.
  4. Yup, If you cant put a hole in the ceiling to vent out of, get a cheap door, replace it, Put a hole in the door to vent the heat out.

    Theres a ton of good threads on venting , and putting up a used door like you said, search around
  5. I don't believe I'll be able to cut a hole through the roof, considering I'm on the second of third floors. Is there a way that I could do it in spite of this limitation?

    Thanks again for the help, I'm just trying to piece everything together. I've had a lot thrown at me and very little time to actually read up on the subject.
  6. Don't drill into the walls. Just bite the bullet and purchase a super cheap door. And vent threw that. Best way. Patching drywall is an art
  7. Okay, sounds good. I think for the vegging I'm going to stick with CFLs, and then *hopefully* switch over to HPS for flowering. I'll definitely be making a carbon filter for the room, and potentially an odor bucket as well.

    As far as ventilation goes, will a hole in the door be enough, or will I need to mount a fan of sorts to the door? There a ton of guides out there on venting, but finding one that's case specific is proving to be a little difficult.

    If anybody could link me to anything that they would view as helpful for my situation, that would be great. In the mean time, I'll be looking myself.

    Thanks again, all.
  8. Need the cubic feet of your grow. Length x width x heighth= cubic feet

    if you use the whole closet. I'd say purchase your fan, mount the fan to your door add a 90 degree elbow and carbon filter to that. All you would see is two holes In a door. You'd hear the fan. Maybe alot. But that's the easiest way. Fan goes at the top of the door. And a hole at the bottom for fresh air
  9. Length (3 ft) x Width (2 ft) x Height (6 ft) = 36 ft^3.

    There is also that top shelf, which I haven't included in height. Should I put anything up there?

    I'm starting to see what I can do. I'm going to make a visit to the grow story tomorrow. I'll be sure to take pictures of all my progress.

    If only I could share the fruits of my labor with all of you :p
  10. unless you can block off that upper portion of the closet you would have to include that in your grow space.... we will be removing that air as well... the positive side is it will allow more hot air in your space up higher

    so with 36 cubic feet

    remove the air in that space three times a minute=108 CFM rated fan

    x 2 for the air restriction of the carbon filter=216 CFM rated fan minimum

    this is a six inch inline fan(more or less) and a fan speed selector..... this will be slightly quieter as well 80 bucks for fan and 30 for speed selector... maybe more, maybe less

    or if you have a bunch of computer fans(all the same size/or each fan a separate power supply) total their cfm's and this will work as well... just gotta have a filter for each fan

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