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need help with my plants. pics inside

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by demariai, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. hey guys, I need some advice if Im doing the right thing. My plants keep growing and growing and every day there's new branches more and more even being almost 10 weeks. I live on los angeles so we have sun the whole day. The first 2 are from Paraguay and the third one is a white widow

    First plant:


    She has been outside since April 1st.It's 6 feet tall. How long do you think till we cut her? also, she has a few dry little parts. Should I cut it out?

    Second, her sister:


    She has been outside for a few weeks and it's already 6.5 feet tall and keeps growing. what do you think about that?

    and finally white widow:


    she's almost 6 feet tall. she started to smell good the last couple of days. Do you have any idea when are we gonna be able to chop her? also, does she look healthy to you?

    sorry for long posting but it's my first time growing

    thanks to all
  2. If they keep growing thats not not really a problem, but that one has some pretty bad damage on the bottom,and the tips of your leaves are turning brown. did you use any kind of soil in the holes when you put them in the ground? Also what kind of nutrients are you using, and how often do you fertilize them? They look like theyve either had too many nutes or not enough. Also how often do you water? it could be an over or under watering problem. Harvest time is usually around midseptember until late october depending on species and personal prefrences. It looks like the tips of the leaves are turning brown, which can be caused by several different things. You also need to know the ph of your soil, a bad ph could cause nutrient lockout and keep them from recieving any nutrients. a good ph is around 6-7.5
    Answer these questions and I may be able to help you and your plants get through this.
  3. Damn dude those things are looking alright, Theyre not as bad as I thought they were when I sent that last message because all of the pictures hadnt loaded when I sent it. Those are some bushy plants. I also thought that you had them in the ground, but I see now that they are in pots. I also have my plants in pots. Other than some brown tips those things look nice. But the brown tips could be due to many things like I said before. Good luck, and nice plants.
  4. thanks man, the yellow thing on the leaves are not new. Something happened a few weeks ago that only the one in the middle of the row got like that, actually way worse. We paid more attention and now it's almost all green again, before was bad. We water normally at 9 am with fertilizer, at 1 pm with plain water and 6 pm with water. Should I change that (here at noon gets too hot and the poor babies gets dry). Im gonna check the PH to see what's up with that.

    thanks man, I let you know the ph as soon as I have the number

  5. Usually people water a lot every so often (until it dries) but not sveral times a day. Overwatering isn't good. Could be a pb with the water pH too. You didn't nute burn them? Good luck. They're really looking good though. Big!
  6. those things are fuckin trees man. i dont think u have much to worry about. Let it grow till they start to flower then i would probably switch ferts to something a little more P-K worthy. Come harvest time i think you'll be satisfied :smoking:
  7. That first pic looks like a case of nute burn. It's not too bad but I would ease up on the nutes a bit. The rest look healthy enough. Unfortanatly those pots are a little udersized and sitting in the sun so they'll need constant watering but three times a day seems a bit too much. Just wait untill the top cuople inches of soil is dry then drench them.
  8. thanks man, I just dont understand this. because the size they need constant watering but 3 times a day is a bit too much? how often should I water? they get dry too fast here. like 90 degrees everyday and dry wheater
  9. thanks man, I just dont understand this. because the size they need constant watering but 3 times a day is a bit too much? how often should I water? they get dry too fast here. like 90 degrees everyday and dry wheater
  10. You want to let them dry out a little between waterings. Let the top couple inches of soil dry out then water them thoroughly. Three times a day seems to much but with that California sun on those little pots maybe not. In containers too much water is better than not enough. I only water once a week but they're in twenty gallon pots buried in the ground.

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